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  1. In my interview yesterday, I was told that a new rule was coming into effect (not sure if just Ohio) and activity directors will have to have a bachelors degree. The person told me she would help me get grandfathered in. Does anyone know anything about this? I completed my MEPAP1 about 6 mo ago, and am now just finding my first pt job in the field.
  2. This will be my first job as an Activities Assistant. It will be very part time. Every other Sat/Sun, approx 9 hours per every other weekend. The pay is minimum wage. Ugg. But, I am going in to it with the idea that this will give me experience and will lead me on to a better position somewhere else. Very frustrating that this is all they pay, and I am a ADC completing the Rowlett & Laker Program a few months ago.
  3. I have been trying to find a pt job evenings/weekends in a LTC facility as Activities Assistant. I completed my certification in the past 6 months. I received a call today for a pt positions/PRN position. Would probably be mostly a few hours on the weekends driving the bus to church, etc. I go for an interview on Sunday afternoon. I was given a short phone interview, and was told the position paid minimum wage......UGG, that is it? You want me to drive a bus load of people at minimum wage, which here is $7.40. UGG again. I realize this is a good way to get my foot in the door, and I understand that, but seriously, isn't the pay of minimum wage for this job a little pathetic? I would have to work the first hour to pay for the gas to get there as it is 20 miles away, and it was mentioned a couple hours here and there. I was hoping to find a pt job working every other weekend at least 8 hours. My ultimate goal is to get experience and hopefully eventually a full time job. I will know more after Sunday, but sure hope they want someone more than 2 hours at a time on a weekend day, or else it won't even be worth my time, but giving me experience. I know this isn't a job that makes a lot of money, but I certainly thought it would be more than minimum wage. Thanks for you thoughts on this.
  4. I recently interviewed with a LTC facility that is a county facility. I was shocked at the hourly wage theye were offering. It was $9.25 per hour with benefits. I had done some research on wages, and thought they would come in somewhere between $11 to $13 per hour. I have my Activity Director Certificate MEPAP1. Can someone tell me whether this is typical wages that is offered out here at $9.25 per hour or is this in fact low. I asked what the possibility of wage increases was in the future, and was told "slim". After doing the certificate, I am already getting discouraged. While I am not into it to make big bucks by any means, I would think taking the time to getting certified would in fact land me at least an $11 an hour job. Any thoughts on this. Thanks.
  5. I am working on my AD certificate and need help with a few questions. 1. Is "Completions" an auditory sensory activity that is mentally challenging? 2. A Person Centered Care Approach ......to begin a group we should introduce ourself and introduce each member to each other? T or F 3. Is the title section for N2 change in daily routine? Thank you, almost done with the program!
  6. I am currently about 3/4 of the way thru an Activity Director Course and am hoping to finish it up by the end of January. I have a few questions. Some may sound silly, but if I don't ask I won't know. 1. What are the possibilities of finding a part time job for week ends only as an Activity Assistant. Because of my families work situation, I can not give up my ft job now, but would like to start working as an Activities Assistant on a part time basis on the weekends, preferably every other weekend, and feel this would be a good way to enter the field. 2. Because I am just starting out in the career, do I need to have a portfolio together of activities, such as ideas for one on ones, small group, large group, etc. What do I need to have available to present to a possible employer if I get an interview. 3. Do I need to have already made up sensory boxes, comfort kits, games and the supplies needed for these games? Or are all these things items that should already be available for use at the facility. I just would like to know what all I am going to need to get me started somewhere. 4. Do you typically wear scrubs or regular clothes. 5. What is the average starting wages for an Activities Assistant. I live in NW Ohio, and am 50 miles from Fort Wayne, IN. 6. I will continue to volunteer on Sat. mornings at the facility that is sponsoring me for the Activity Directors course. I am hoping this will give me enough experience to get me started somewhere. I eventually want to go into it full time, but with the job situation as it is, I can not afford to quit my current job. Does anyone have any advice for me as I attempt to get started in this career. Thanks so much for your help in my questions.
  7. I am new to this board, and am hoping to learn a lot of information on how to obtain my goal as an activities director. I have many questions to ask. Training....What training is needed to become an activities director. I am looking into a 4 month home study activity director course by Rowlett & Laker, Inc, out of Ft. Wayne, IN. I live in Ohio. Is it required to have a 2 or 4 yr degree, or is taking the activities director course enough. Are these positions typically fulltime or part time. While researching, I did find both. I am looking to do it fulltime. Is there opportunity to work only weekends in this position. (So I can keep my current job to get my foot in the door and experience) While researching activities director jobs, some places state they prefer you to be an STNA also, is that typical for this job. Would that be an asset to my resume to be a certified STNA. Being an STNA is not my goal or choice of a career. Pay scale....can anyone give me a pay range that is typical for someone starting new in this career. I called a local LTC center/Assisted living center and they start at $8 per hour, do not require any training, and had an ad in the paper for the position approximately every 3 to 4 months. I find $8 per hour quite low for this job. I have tried to do research on this, but whenever I try to find jobs/pay information, etc for Activities Director, it comes up Recreational Therapist. Thank you for any information, guidance, suggestions anyone can give me to get me started on the right path to becoming an Actitivies Director.
  8. Hello, My name is Marie, I found this site in hopes that I can acquire information on becoming an activities director. A little about me, I have been in the workforce for 30 years, for the past 11 years I have been the owner/manager of a daycare business, and am currently seeking out a new career. An activities director job has always been in the back of my mind, and it is something I want to pursue now. I am currently attending our local community college and was working on an Associates Degree in Legal Support, but that truly isn't where my heart is, and I want to change my goal. In 2005 I received a Certificate in Office Administration at our local community college. I am a doer/go getter, and just need to figure out the correct path to my goals. I am married, almost 25 years, and we have 2 kids, ages 19 and 21, both in college pursuing carreers in nursing. My husband lost his job in October after working 40 years for a company. So much for employee/employer loyalty. So right now our family is struggling to survive in this economic mess. I am looking forward to asking questions and learning about becoming an activities director.
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