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  1. Hi, I have a few residents at my facility that are interested in sailing. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas for sailing activities or free resources for sailing? Thanks!!
  2. These are great suggestions however, Im looking for something a little more low functioning. The problem is the residents that I am talking about are severly low functioning and are non responsive. They have a hard time registering questions. We bring them to music groups, sensory groups, pet therapy, patio time, reading groups, and other various groups that dont involve much active participation from the residents but feel as though we are not doing enough for them. Its hard to gauge whether or not they are enjoying the activities because they do not respont very much.
  3. Hi! I work at a 60 bed facility and most of our residents are very low functioning. Most have alzheimers and dimentia, dont speak and spend most of their time with their eyes closed. Here, we do different sensory stim activities for those residents but we feel as though we need a few new activites to. Any new ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!
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