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  1. I am taking the home study course and need to interview an activity consultant!! Any one want to help a girl out?
  2. I am having entertainment everyday for that entire week, also we have a craft planned to make patriotic bracelets and a BBQ, I also seen somewhere they were going to send some treats over to the troops. Darcy
  3. I sent you an email!!!! Thanks so much!!!
  4. Thank you SOOOO much....your amazing! To answer your questions I am not sure of my budget! I just ask if i can get it, do it, etc....and my Executive Director tells me yes or no!....They love activities with prizes, I have mostly women but one man that is 64 that has cerebral palsy who comes to everything! I started doing a twister game where you throw a ball at the board and if it lands on the right color they win that prize....(Which I got from one of my friends that's an AD as well)...I call it Twister with a Twist. I do Dear Abby, Coffee Groups, Social Hour, We play the WII , Wheel of For
  5. Hello, My name is Darcy Graves and I am all out of fresh games to play with my tenants, I am at an Assisted living Center and the average age of my tenants are in their upper 90's! Most of them want to sleep, or just stay in their rooms. Any ideas on how to get them out? I love my job but this is getting very tiresom having activities and only 2 or 3 show up and I have about 34 tenants. I remind them with dailies, a weekly calendar and a monthly calendar!!! I also take sugguestions at tenant council and they still don't come out! wish me luck!! Darcy Marie
  6. Hello, my name is Darcy and I am the Activity Director at Northridge Assisted Living in Iowa (a small town). We have about 34 tenants right now. I have been doing this only 2 years but i am new to this forum. I have been reading some of your stuff and have got a lot of ideas.....so thank you!!! Hope i can return the favor, someday . I am the only one in activities so i depend on a lot of volunteers. Talk to you soon. Darcy
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