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  1. My money issues have apparently gotten to the point where if I want to spend ANY money going forward, I have to raise my own money. While I find this completely ridiculous (do CNAs have to raise money for wipes, gloves, etc to do their job? Why do I have to raise money to do MY job?), I have taken the mindset of, well, if they want me to raise money, I'll show them. I'd hate for it to become the norm, however. I have no start up capital. I also don't necessarily want residents to know that I have to raise money for their activities. I have churches who like to come and play Bingo and will
  2. From our Resident Council By-Laws we're working on... i) President (1) Serves as Chair of all Resident Council meetings. (2) Acts as representative of the residents at public relations events, administration meetings, etc. when called upon. The President is the “face†of the Resident Council. (3) Serves as representative of the residents of the floor they reside on, providing a monthly report on issues pertaining to the floor itself and concerns from residents on the floor. Concerns from residents on the floors may be reported by the representative (or President) anonymous
  3. I really like this idea and think it can work in my facility. Any tips on constructing the wheel? I am about the least handy person, and even if I was, we don't have the tools to make one from my research online of plans for them.
  4. Any activity I have tends to fight constant disruptions of noise, staff disruptions as they clean or socialize in dining room, or other residents. I try to play it up what I am doing, especially in regards to the need for the residents to do activities, but especially when it comes to our Alzheimer's residents, other staff view my reassurance of them as "Why even bother? They're just going to repeat themselves." For instance, today, I was having a cooking class and a resident with Alzheimers was being disruptive with her constant need for reassurance. I gave her some towels to fold while t
  5. I'm having an issue in creating small focused groups around a certain activity that a few people may like, but may not have wide appeal. Due to staffing issues that I am trying to work on (namely my assistant thinks she works in the kitchen and its her responsibility to help there...every day), I am the only staff able to lead activities, so in addition to being the director and a manager of the facility, I am also the assistant in a facility with 112 beds. So I really need the activities I can actually lead to have an impact. However, in trying non-Bingo ideas, with things that are ai
  6. Does anyone have these problems? I am required to buy all supplies out of my own pocket to get reimbursed for later. The reimbursement process usually takes about 2 weeks. I don't make that much. The amount of money I'm putting up is putting a dent in my personal finances as I am paying off student loans (like everyone else), and it usually happens that come the week before payday, I am struggling and eating ramen. I have such limited supplies on hand to begin with, so getting supplies is a necessity. We have things donated, and I do my best to work with what I have...but my creativity
  7. I love the wine bottles with epsom salts! They look great! We're going to have a "ball drop." We're making a pinata ball the 2 days prior to New Years Eve, then at the strike of "midnight" we're going to have the ball drop from the ceiling, and hopefully break apart with prizes inside of it. Cheesy, but all my residents are excited for it. We'll have sparkling grape juice and go outside for sparklers afterwards.
  8. I'm not sure of our state's regulations right now (just started), but my question is: If it is regulated that we have to, but no residents attend, how does that work? We have evening Bingo one night a week, and we only get 3-4 people who specifically stay up to play. 99% of residents are in bed right after dinner. It seems better to have the limited Activities hours we have spent doing things during the day when it is actually beneficial.
  9. Hello! My name is Lauren and I am a new Activities Director in New Orleans, LA. I just started 3 weeks ago and was hired at a 112 bed nursing home with the plan to certify as I work. I have an assistant director, and we are the only staff on hand. I am dealing with a lot of challenges with lack of staff support and keeping my assistant director focused on activities as opposed to "helping out." Also dealing with a lot of challenges in reactions to change - mostly from STAFF, including my assistant! My background is as a camp director, and most recently, a program assistant at a public
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