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  1. Anyone else doing a New Year's Eve Party? We can't have champagne, so we're going to toast the New Year in with sparkling white grape juice. Besides the usual noisemakers & party hats, I'd love some suggestions for more decorations & activities. Jane
  2. I have a couple of ladies on my AL side who are visually impaired but cognitively fine. Both are able to participate in our oversized card Bingo with some assistance, and both can get around the facility. We already have audio books & music available, but I'd like to get them out of their rooms more and participating in group activities besides Bingo. Are there any manipulatives suitable for both seeing and blind adults (who don't read Braille) and aren't cognitively impaired? I don't want to insult the ladies' intelligence.
  3. Wow, only 3????? That would be a piece of cake for me. We're required to offer an activity 3x per day/7 days per week, usually around 10 am, 2 pm, and 7 pm. The daytime activities are fairly structured, but we have all sorts of different things going on at night. A couple of bluegrass bands "jam" two nights during the month, plus a few local churches come in for singing during the week. We also tap into the local college community as many of the Greek organizations do service projects. I'm lining up different civic & hobby clubs to present lectures, and there's nothing more thrilling than a visit from the local high school sports teams & cheerleaders. Ask EVERYONE, and I do mean everyone, about anyone they know who might be able to come in for an hour and demonstrate a skill, craft, or special interest. You'll be surprised who is out there just waiting to be asked.
  4. I'm just finishing my first two weeks and what a whirlwind it has been. I'm at a small facility--only around 50 residents including the Alzheimer's wing. I'm really looking forward to chatting with other Activity personnel. I've worked with the elderly and/or disabled in other capacities, but this is my first time as "cruise director." I spent a short period of my life bedridden, so I can completely relate to the boredom expressed by many of the residents. Fortunately, I live in a community with two universities near by, and have a lot of local talent & resources from which I can draw. That truly does make my new job a lot easier.
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