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  1. Ella, I know I replied once but again I want you to know I appreciate your time to respond as I do everyones, Thankyou Minta
  2. I replied via email but I want to be sure you know I appreciate your response. Minta
  3. Joe this sounds like this would be so much fun thank you, Minta
  4. Danielle, thank:blink: you so much for taking the time to respond, I will check into the idea of a school of design. Minta
  5. Ella, Right now we are building popsicle stick bird houses which will house our nests and silk birds, busrides, walk abouts, gardening, garden adventures, kick ball, table ball, balloons, looking for light weight scarves, bowling, WII bowling, Sing alongs, video's music and babies, baking, painting, crafts, devotions, outside entertainment every Wednesday, girl scouts come and do things with the residents, reading, table games usually Cover Up(twelve squares one marked free and the others 2 thru 12 and large fuzzy dice, have to roll the number and place a marker on the card number) sometimes Bingo, dominoes, special holiday events, Joy Journal, callages(msp), discussion of pictures cut from magazines, special dog, mini horses, skits, teas, red hats, feed turtles at the complex water pond. When I look at this it seems very busy but it is repetious and I need some of that. Minta
  6. My name is Minta and I am in Texas BlueBell Country, I handle General Assisted Living and beginning stage dementia and alzheimers Assisted Living. I have worked mostly with dementia and alzheimers for a little over five years, I have gone through some of the old forum topics for Alzheimers Activities and found good ideas that are slightly different than what we do, I diffinately will be adding some of the ideas to my calendar. However I am in a rut so to speak and need some freshening up. My group is from just standing and not really seeing to weak and tired to busy bodies and I love them all. Finding something that they can all do at the same time other than music or walking in the garden is becoming progressively difficult we are so diverse. I take all suggestions and support. Minta
  7. Paula, I do not know much about your area, but in Texas we have the ability to find a center that will let us do a practicum at the facility and take a class at the same time. I am taking an advanced class now and my practicum is where I work. There is also a national organization that you can check on NAAP - National Association of Activities Professionals or NCCAP - National Certification Council for Activity Professionals or NCTRC - National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certifification. I work with Alzheimers and from what I read you are special in the way you cared for your mother and the ideas you used, blessings for being inventive. If you feel called to do this then I hope it all goes well and I hope you will have as many rewards as I have. Minta
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