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  1. Hey Newbie, I have done scavanger hunts for the res. A list of items was printed up for them to find & the items were hidden through the fcaility. The first one to finish won a prize. I also have used the magazines for food, usually dine with those who needed to gain weight. But I have not tried the scavanger hunt your way sounds like it would be another good activity. Thanks for sharing.
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    Another suggestion for 1:1 activity: If you have a res. who is bedfast and alert set-up a movie night. If res has a TV w/ VHS or DVD player use it if not use the one from act dept (If you are lucky enough to have one) Rent a video that you know the res would enjoy. Next invite a few other res. to join in on the movie nite in that res. room. Have popcorn or a snack of some sort as well as a drink for them. This is great for ladies, a good love story. I would do this in the evening around 7 pm & have the TV in the res room. I would give the tape/DVD to the nurse in charge of that res. as
  3. Hi Midgey, My first interview job I was also a wreck. I was also told that they had a few others to interview. So I decided that I would call and check on the status of the interviewing. I called enough to let them know I was interested but not enough to be a pest. I was called back for 2 more interviews. I was hired on the 3rd one. So either phone calls helped or I said/did something correct at one of the interviews. Maybe you call & just check in let them know you are interested & the best person for this job! Let us know how it goes :-)
  4. Overview of Evaluation Define the Area (or Scope) to be Measured Cognitive: Executive Function, language Skills, attention Span, Orientation, Judgement, Memory, Coping Skills, and Academic Physical: Gross Motor Coordination, strength/Endurance, Sight/Vision, Cardiovascular Functioning, Bowel & Bladder, Upper Extremity Manipulation, Eye Hand coordination, hearing, Ambulation Social: Reaction to others, Social Interest, Cooperation, Style of Group Interaction, Reaction to Environment, Competition Emotional: self-confidence, Mental Sharpness/Dullness, and Expression of Hostility, Mood
  5. LIFE SATISFACTION SURVEY Resident Name: ____________________________ Room # ____________ Date: _____________ Surveyor: __________________________________ Does the facility help you be as independent as your health allows? Yes __ No ___ Comments: ____________________________________________________ Does the facility provide you quality medical care from your Dr when needed? Yes ______ No ______ Comments: _____________________________________________________ Do the employees treat you fairly without threat of mental or physical abuse? Yes __ No ___ Comments: ______
  6. Burnout What should you do to get back to your "normal" self? You at this point need to take some time off to rest. After that s/he needs to learn to say no and share the workload with others. What factors indicate you were experiencing professional burnout? These are indications that you is experiencing burnout: you are working more and more but getting less done, the aches and pains along with getting sick more that usual. Also you were discouraged and defensive about your health problems. What circumstances seemed to contribute to your problem? The circumstances are that you worked
  7. Hi I have noticed that you have stated that you have a limited budget. Nursing Home week as well as Nurses week should not come out of activity budget. They Nursing Home week should come from the PR budget talk w/ administrator about this. After all this is to promote the facility. Also this should not fall on the act staff to do all of the planning all depts should pitch in for this. Nursing week comes from nursing budget & not yours again this is not your responsible to plan the act fo rthis event the DON should do it or at least make a major attempt to help out!
  8. Mother's Day Arts & Craft project… Use a daisy &/or sunshine template look for a childs coloring book that might have one in it. Copy it on to yellow Xerox paper. Make enough copies for all the residents doing the activity. Have the residents glue the flower or sunshine on to a piece of cardboard, something like poster board, or any other type of light weight cardboard. Color the picture template where appropriate (show the residents the colored picture of the daisy/sunshine) so that they where know to color &/or add lines. This step is optional. Cut the template out. Cut
  9. Hankie Babies This is an old traditional craft that some of your residents may remember doing. It was popular during the hard times when supplies as well as money were scarce. Time to make about 30 min. Supplies: One handkerchief, plain or decorated (on 1 corner if desire) One yard of lace, pre-gathered adds a nice look baby One to Three yards of 1/8" double faced satin ribbon Polyester Fiberfill or Cotton Balls Two Crochet Threads, about 12" long Scissors Iron Starch Needle & thread that match handkerchief Instructions:  Press the handkerchief.  Sew the lace to
  10. Soda Bottle Spinner Good alternative to a pin wheel to hang in the yard. Materials: Soda bottle wire or string tools - drill, scissors, knife, permanent markers, acrylic paints (fabric paints work) Procedure: Cut 3-5 evenly spaced curved lines (all in same direction) lengthwise into the long straight side of the soda bottle. Helpers will be needed to help here. Bend these outwards slightly. These are the fins that will catch the wind and make the bottle spin on the long axis. Optional - Cut off the uneven bottle base. Drill a hole into the center of the bottle cap
  11. Lots of things to choose from & hey things even you & staff might enjoy. I had a man come & show all of the newest fishing things out today. It was suppost to be for the men but the women crashed the event. They actually made it more lively. But no matter fun was had by all. I had a couple of ladies who own a quilt shop come in & show off some quilts as well as some of the newest gadgets on the market. Then they came back every week & worked with the res. on making a quilt. Which we proudly displayed for a long time. Then I heard it was auctioned off, after I had moved on
  12. Pennie


    Hi Pat, How is the job going? Need any help or advice? Hope all is well. Comgts to U P 8-) ;-) :-D
  13. Hey Karen, I have a basic 1:1 &/or In-Room form that I made up. It has a place for the date of the visit. What was done during the visit & another space for what the res. response was. Of course the top portion has the res. name, rm # etc.. Also a place for the goal (what was decided by the CP Team) The form is is divided into sections with lines. This way you are able to write as much or as little as needed. I also have a list made up of all 1:1's & In-Room with a specifiec day & time they are to be seen. The same staff person sees this res. This helps the res. to be ori
  14. Hi cindy Have you looked under the section titled Intro yourself? Lots of folks have posted there. You may find a fellow Mich person. If you find out what state is looking for share it with us all we can never be to prepareed for them ;-)
  15. Hey Karen, I use the progress note form for my quarterly reviews. I wwrite the date , Quartely Review, which quartely & the proceed w/ the note/summary. The first line is what was/is the res. goal from the annual/new asses. If this has been met or not. The a summary of what act/ res has attended, brief desc. of res. any type of changes in res (be it act or any other dept.) Then end it with a note on wheather the goal will be con't, d/c'd. revised (if revised explantion as to why). The sigh off on it. Even thought most res. don't change to much you need to document it does not need to be
  16. Hi Lynn56 You placed a message on the 29th of March. I was wondering if you recieved ann answer to your question? If not let me/us know so that we can try to help you out OK :oops:
  17. The theme for Nat'l Nursing Home Week is "Embracing Our Hertiage" so you could do a spin off from the theme one day. We have done some of these in the past: Pat on the Back Board or Shinning Star Board. No prizes are needed the board is the prize. Cut out hands or Stars from paper. Have everyone write something on the hand or star about another staff member. Why they should get the pat on the back or the shinning star. Also write the staff members name, which they are writing about, as well as their name. Read what others have written about others over the PA or at a staff meeting.
  18. National Nurses Week is celebrated May 6 -12, 2004. This is always celebrated on the same time every year. it begans on Mother's Day & ends on Florence Knightgale B'day. The theme for 2004 is "Embracing Our Hertiage" Below is a little bit of facts: Did you know.... * As of November 2001, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that more than one million new nurses will be needed by the year 2010. The report projects that total employment will increase by 22.2 million jobs during the 2000-2010 period, rising to 167.8 million. Health care practitioners and technical occupations are expect
  19. It looks like we could keep very busy in the month of May. Below are a list of events celebrated during this month. I also am listing some websites that you can look at for some the events listed. I hope you find these helpful. Calendar of events for May 2004: National Arthritis Month Bicycle Safety Month Asian Pacific American Heritage Month High Blood Pressure Education Month Mental Health Month Older Americans Month Osteoporosis Prevention Month National Book Month Correct Posture Month School Principals Day May 1 National SAFE Kids Week May 1-8 Teacher Apprecia
  20. Hi, Are you in need of volunteers? :-P Find a Volunteer The Points of Light Foundation & Volunteer Center National Network coordinate nationwide activities to provide citizens with volunteer opportunities and resources. You can go to this site place in your State &/or zip code to find the center for your town and request Volunteer(s). They even have a match area for you to fill out if needing a specific type person(s). Learn lots more by checking them out. Also don't forget that National Volunteer Week is April 18 - 24, 2004 The theme is "Inspire By Example" Check out Volun
  21. Hi, Last night I somehow ended up on a great website called Making Memories 101 I found alot of interesting things on this site, one of them being a link to poems. I have never seen so many poems in one place. Have a look at the Mother's Day Poems there are lots of them. :hammer: Be sure to check out the May Calendar while you are on Making Memories 101 site. You just may find some inspiring activities. ;-)
  22. Pioneer Network 5th National ConferenceCome to the Land of Oz "There's No Place Like Home" August 4-7, 2004, Overland Park Convention Center and Sheraton Hotel For more information visit Pioneer Network or call 585.271.7570 CEU's possible: 4.2 Pre-conference, :-o 13.8 for main conference, 4.8 for facility visit
  23. This board can notify you when a new reply is added to a topic. Many users find this useful to keep up to date on topics without the need to view the board to check for new messages. There are three ways to subscribe to a topic: Click the 'Track This Topic' link at the top of the topic that you wish to track On the posting screen when replying to or creating a topic, check the 'Enable email notification of replies?' checkbox From the E-Mail settings section of your User CP (My Controls) check the 'Enable Email Notification by default?' option, this will automatically sub
  24. The chat room is available only from the home page. Press the Home link either on the top bar or on the left main menu. Once on the home page, arrow down on the left side menu to the Chat Room Block, Press the Enter button. A seperate window will open displaying the chat room Lounge, from here you may create a seperate room or click on the Lounge to enter the main room. Important: you must be a registered member to chat.. registeration is free Plus it opens up alot of neat features on this site, Picture Uploads, Downloads, Email Notifications when your Questions are answered, Member Messe
  25. Hi, Have you tried to have a party related to the customs, holidays related to residents culture? You seem to have tried the American holidays so maybe if you found out how the Chiense celebrated Spring. The next time do a Russian thems. How about you get a few of your more alert res. involved with helping you plan this event. If you seem to have no luck this way call upon fami;y members to help you out. Once you have them involved they in turn will drag their loved one (res) into helping & make alot of lot noise about this celcbration. Build it up several weeks in advance & especiall
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