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    Thanks for your reply Mashonda. I'll try to answer some of your questions. It is one certain resident and she gets her ideas for the movies from watching the "trailers" on TV then tells the AD who rents the movie from the video store. If the AD can't find that particular movie, then she rents what she wants to. I'm hoping the AD will let me have a little more say in this matter,since I'm the one watching the movie, too, then I will go to other residents for their input on the movies so everyone can enjoy. Once again, thanks. midgey
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    Hi all: I am an Act. Assist new on the job for 3 months, although I worked as AA in another state for 4 years. I'm having a problem with the movie selection we show. The AD has one certain resident pick the movies and the last one had very filthy language. Some residents left, and I'm sure others would have if they were able to voice their opinion. I was also offended by the movie but of course had to sit there with the res. When I talked to the AD about the situation, she said that it didn't happen often and I could get up once in a while and go out of the room. But what about the res.???? Any advice?? Thanks, midgey
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    Chat Night

    :-( I too am in bed at that time. Early morning would be good, but I don't know if anyone is available! Keep us posted --- I would love to chat
  4. :-( No wonder I can't find an AA position!!! I moved here 2 months ago and have not been very successful. I applied for one AA job, but they wanted only 20 hrs. a week and the pay was lousy. I am a CNA, but didn't do CNA duties in my old job up North. But now I'm working in Home Health and will continue to do so until an AA position comes along. I miss activities! :cry:
  5. I'm not exactly new here, but I'd like to introduce myself. I just moved to sunny Florida from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where for over 3 years I was an activity assistant in a 45 bed nursing home.I loved my job and would like to continue in the field, but haven't had any luck finding a position here in Florida. I will keep looking. I read the posts every day and have made some friends here. Keep up the good work. midgey 8-)
  6. Thank you all for your great advice. Unfortunately I did not get called for a second interview, but maybe that's a good thing. It was a big place (120 beds) and I worked in a 45 bed!!! And I'm not trying to be negative, but I just don't feel qualified for AD yet. I want to take the course before I apply for an AD position. 8-)
  7. Hi cindymaybe: I'm from Kingsford-Iron Mountain area. Used to work at Freemans.Just moved down here in March. 8-)
  8. Thank you so much for the info! I had the interview and it seemed to go O.K., but he had other people to interview. so it's a waiting game!!! I think he was a little concerned because, as an assistant in my old job, I didn't do assessments. I know what to do, but I never actually did any. once again thank you and any more help I can get will be greatly appreciated. P.S. I'm in Ocala ---- about 90 miles north west of Orlando.
  9. 8-) Hi Everyone: I just moved to Florida from Northern Michigan where I was an Activity Assistant for almost 4 years. Today I have an interview at a LTC facility for the position of AD. I need all the help I can get because I've never been in a "management" position before. Please, any advise would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, midgey.
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