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  1. Have you ever wanted to find a catalogue or a magazine but had no luck doing this? Well here is one of the best resources for find just about any catalogue or magazine you could possible want. Go to their website once there don't forget to bookmark it. Catalogues & LTC Magazines
  2. Quality Indicators: Nursing Homes Quality Indicators (QIs) developed by CHSRA researchers are markers that indicate either the presence or absence of potentially poor nursing home care practices or outcomes. QIs represent the first known systematic attempt to longitudinally record the clinical and psychosocial profile of nursing home residents in a standardized, relatively inexpensive and regular manner requiring the expertise of only in-house staff. To see the list check out website: QIs for LTC
  3. Glossary Abbreviated Standard Survey - An on-site Federal survey that focuses on specific complaints or specific provider issues related to change of provider ownership, management or Director of Nursing. The abbreviated survey does not cover all the aspects contained in the standard survey, but rather concentrates on a particular area(s) of concern. An abbreviated standard survey may be conducted to substantiate a complaint. Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) - Individual self-performance skills needed in everyday life such as ambulation/locomotion, eating, toileting, grooming/personal hygi
  4. Hey Randy, Why is Dietary not fixing the lunches? Do you not have a dietary in your setting? I would speak with the administrator or who ever is the boss. Explain to them that your dept. is already over loaded. May a tipcal daily calander along with the time it takes to do each of the programs on the calendar. Don't short your dept. on the time, account from beging to end. ie., starting with getting the supplied, set-up for the program getting people to the program as well as taking them back & every thing in between. Show this to your boss. Be sure that you have a possible solution to
  5. I have done "Intercom Bingo" for years as a way to earn extra money for our department. I also have shared this with other AD's that I have consulted with, they loved it. This is for residents, staff, family members basically anyone who has a $1.00 & wants to buy a card! (Do not allow the activity staff to purchase cards, if they win then you opening your self up to trouble) This game also gets noticed by my residents that are bedbound or self-isolated. It great way to get them involved. Here is how it works: I bought a pad of Bingo Cards that have 4 per page, but I can't remember from w
  6. :-D Hi Miguel, we have family members donate floral/flower arrangements to the facility. They bring them to the facility & call the Act. Office for us to come get them. The Administrator hates the arrangements, she thinks they are not appopriate for the residents to see. So we take the flowers apart & use them in vases, table center pieces, pass out in a bud vase to a resident(s) who is maybe ill, depressed or as a Thank You for all you do This is a nice way to brighten up the place & a few faces.
  7. Description: This course can help to fulfill HIPAA's requirement for HIPAA privacy training for nonclinical staff. The course is intended to provide a basic understanding for nonclinical staff or others in the facility of the key privacy provisions in the HIPAA rule. For HIPAA staff training courses intended for those with greater interactions with the medical record, or for clinical staff, please see our course catalog and the HIPAA training series. This course is up to date, reflecting the recent finalization of the HIPAA privacy regulations. Learners will be tested on their under
  8. :-o Does instant messaging compromise HIPAA security? Published March 2004 Some of our employees would like to use instant messaging (IM) to communicate at work and from home with team members or other managers. Is that an acceptable practice under HIPAA? The HIPAA regulations do not and are not likely to ever specify technologies that are permissible and prohibited. IM may be easy to use and it will let others know when you're "online," which is sometimes a business convenience. However, permitting use of IM, especially for transmitting confidential information, when an
  9. Item Type: Appointment Start Date: 03/30/2004 04:00 pm Eastern Standard Time (Tuesday) Duration: 1 Hour Place: HHH Bldg.- Rm 325A (Wash., D.C. ) The next SNF/Long-Term Care open door forum is scheduled for MAR 30th. Please read invitation and instructions below. Date: Mar 30, 2004 Start Time: 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time (ET) Conference Leader(s): Tim Trysla/David Dupre/Rich Lawlor There are 2 ways to participate, by phone or "In-person". 1. To participate by phone: Dial: 1-800-837-1935 & Reference Conference ID: 4382005 TTY Communications Relay Services are
  10. Pennie


    Hi, Here are a few jokes you share with your residents. How Much Is it Worth? WHILE HELPING his father build a deck, 5-year-old Kolin hit his thumb with a hammer. A couple of weeks later, his blackened thumbnail fell off. Kolin took it to his mother and asked, "Mommy, can I put this under my pillow for the fingernail fairy?" Batteries Not Included MOM developed a bad case of laryngitis, much to the confusion of her 2-year-old son. He climbed into her lap, pulled her mouth open and peered inside, saying, "What's wrong, Mommy--did someone steal your batteries?" She Saw the
  11. "The Stellar Unit in Concert" 2:00 P.M. Monday, April 26th Showroom of The Laff Spott-Willowbrook at the Centrum. Call information Houston Texas for phone number. Please RSVP to the Centrum with the number of persons that will be attending. They will hold your tickets at the Box Office. (Staff counted not sure if they are charged or not, be sure to ask).
  12. "Romantic Rhapsody" with Stephanie Northcutt, Soprano 3:00 P.M., Tuesday, April 20th at the Centrum. Call information Houston Texas for phone number. Acclaimed for her outstanding acting and charismatic presence, the Centrum is pleased to present Stephanie Northcutt performing romantic favorites. Please RSVP to the Centrum with the number of persons that will be attending. They will hold your tickets at the Box Office. (Staff counted but not charged)
  13. :hammer: Please plan to join us. All AD's, AA, are welcome to attend. CEU's will be given out at the end of the meeting. This is held monthly and is growing by leaps and bounds. Wednesday, April 7th from 11:00-1:00 at Park Place Cy-Fair, 11500 FallbrookDr. (between Jones Road and 1960), Houston, Texas, 77065. Their phone number is 281.970.6688. Pilar has arranged for a speaker on Time Management. Our speaker will be Reverend Mildred Henry. She is a National Family/Community Advocate for quality long-term health care for the elderly and the disabled. She has been a Family/Community
  14. Randy Needs Our Help..... Please Click Here to View Topic http://activitydirector.net/modules/ipboar...p?showtopic=70# thanks, Pennie :-)
  15. Hi Beth W. are you the same beth w that could not get registered. you had a posting on the old message board.. If you will email me at pbacon@activitydirector.com I will set you up an account so that you may use all the features of this site... thanks, Pennie
  16. Hi Kim, when do you get the message, when you start the download or when you open the zip file? Is it a virus protection program warning or a Microsoft warning? You may have the firewall enabled or the security set to high on your browser... PM me Pennie (click the PM icon at the bottom of my post or click on the MY CONTROLS on the top of the message board header, go to compose message, and send to Pennie thanks ;-)
  17. Hi Elish, Welcome... its nice to hear from Canada, I haven't added any "out of States" listings in the Job Board, What would be the proper terminology for listing Jobs for Canadian Members, What are some of the major cities, and "States" (what is the proper term for "State" in Canada) I like the term Volunteer Coordinator... thats a job position we could incorporate in the states.... I'm sure some facilities already have it, but it would be nice if it were more wide spread. Most of the facilities I have worked with have had 50-200 residents, with one Director and one maybe two Assistants, it
  18. Pennie


    Hi go to the job board and post a "Jobless in Indiana" under the Indiana Category... Click here for the AD JobBoard good luck, Pennie ;-)
  19. The Activity Director has more power than any other dept. in the facility.. Much like the most popular kids in school...everyone wanted to be in the popular crowd...why because there was always something going on, it was fun, it was the place to be.. the activity dept should be busy, with volunteers, with visitors, with residents just hangin out, it is the only place they can go to be safe from the meds and the bathing and the hoarding and the feeling of confinment. Your newslettler should be your weapon and your address list your reach. Churches, schools (anyone in charge of school Clubs), Gr
  20. Gardening is always a great activity, there a several designs for planting carts that a wheel chair will pull right up to. Call your local school and see if you can get the shop class to build you one,or maybe a Church, what about a planter box for outside the window of a bedfast resident. Be sure and run by Wal-Mart and the local nursery and let them know that they can donate any less than perfect plants to your facility. Make sure you have business cards to pass out to everyone. The State Enviroment Protection Agency will usually send you free bird houses. Coated Cardboard that can be d
  21. First:: You must be a member - Register on the HomePage. Once your a member you will have a User Menu in the left hand column. Click on View Account, than click on Avatar Options. There you can choose an Avatar from one of the Galleries or you can upload your own from your computer. To Upload: First create an Avatar on your computer from a photo, clip-art, whatever you like... The following file types are allowed: gif .jpeg .jpg .swf .png Save it to a directory/folder that is easy to remember. Your avatar must be no bigger than 64 pixels by 64 pixels in size. Click on Upload and Bro
  22. Pennie

    Nice Website

    Hi Everyone, Thanks so much for helping bring this site to life. ActivityDirector.Com ActivityDirector.Net and ActivityDirector.Org will all be redesigned to become the Activity Directors Network. We have a programmer redesigning our sites to help share information and resources in a more productive and organized way. ActivityDirector.Com will have a month by month project planner feel that will let everyone add activities, Theme ideas, calendar / newsletter layouts and much more to a particular month page, thus creating a programming planner for Activity Directors. ActivityDirec
  23. Men are a challenge... Dominoes was always a hit with our men residents, Tournaments, playoffs, award ceremonies, write up in the news etc... our men residents loved their dominoes with the same passion as Bingo for the ladies... it may be the competition, some of our tourny's were fierce competition... this might be the avenue to bring the men out of their rooms, another spark I found was they like to talk about the passed, we had volunteer high shool students start a journal, a collection of stories from the passed... the war, the depression, We had it informally published when it was finis
  24. Pennie

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    Hi, Thanks for joining, The programmers are still adding a bunch of stuff. If you have any Suggestions ::: forum categories, download categories, news and article categories Please Post Them! We had a suggestion to list all of the state agency websites, so if you know the Http:// to your states regulatory site please list that also... Have fun and invite your friends.... PS We are also looking for online course teachers and developers for activitydirector.org let me know.... Send me a private message or email pbacon(at)activitydirector.com thanks, Pennie ;-) Se
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