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  1. Have you try doing a color for the month with sight sound taste and smell. IE green grass green jello lime ask question about the color if there is a song with the color in title the list could go on forever.
  2. Were can i find this information to print and post at my facility. Thanks
  3. It can be long term care as well.
  4. dawn

    Comp Time

    Learn to say No. Yes I had that problem until I learn to say no. If you can't avoid the situation try leaving work a few hours early.
  5. a space like some of the therapy dept. with the kitchen and other things then you will never have to leave to go to another room.
  6. I have a great idea for you and your residents. There is a paper back book that you can buy and make paper mobile for your bed fast residents the alert ones can make them for the resident who need them and they will feel like they are being helpful. look in nasco by dori kole title is paper mobile projects for kids of all ages
  7. Stacey, What deminta reg are you looking for?
  8. Does any one have any good ideas for an Alzheimer's program. Does any one have a creative way to get the cna involved with the programs.
  9. dawn

    Hello All

    Welcom the best thing you can do is next work with all Acivity Director it's great
  10. have them work on a story about the resident life that way the students can build a stronger bound and they may cont to volunteer.
  11. I have had the staff adopt a resident for christmas a bring the gift in at there party it is usually takes a lot of work or you can call local churches for any donations. I hope this helps
  12. Hello, Yes I have work when there has being an out break of the flu. Room to room visit are wonderful when they are unable to come out even bring them a glass of sunshine (oj) is a wonderful treat when you are ill. Hope this helps
  13. Meet with the group ask them what they would like to do after all it is there activity calendar. cooking group, name that tune, exercise, hang man, jack pot, jingo, cards, cardo, trivia and the list goes on.
  14. I do not work weekends, I have my assistance that does saturdays and church on sundays.
  15. What section of the mds are you requried to do. I have section n and ac to do.
  16. For Care Plans I recommend the care plan cook book third edition. It is a wonderful time saver.
  17. s&s has poker stuff as well.
  18. Were can you view a copy of thos new mds.
  19. You can use mirosoft word is what i use . You can make your own table grid it works well for my facility.
  20. dawn


    How many of you had to plan a totaly different day of activities do to storms ie hurricane charley is the one heading toward fl. So on Friday the 13 all dept heads must stay at work until the storm is over. If the power goes out we still have to stay until power comes back on. School are closed who ever brings children in we will have them spend time with the residents doing board games and puzzles. What is your take on stroms and activities
  21. the dollar store has wonderful items for bingo prizes. make your own t-shirts make it an activity let them make there own,
  22. Hello to you all I am in need of some activity program for my 27 bed unit. What are some good programs that work? if you have outing where do you take them? What type of schedual do you follow for them? thanks for all respones a head of time
  23. Hello, I started working in long term care when I was in high school. Started in the dietary dept. Then in high school I was in health occupation and became CNA. Then in 1992 I was given the opt to do activityies and took both ppart of the activitiy class the it was called 90 basic and 90 hour advance. I have been working on my cert for five years and I am know full cert. Currently working on a Ba degree in nursing. That was my high school dream to become a nurse and know I will be fill that dream in years to come.
  24. Try nasco they might have some or you can always bid on ebay
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