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  1. That week I'm going to have a display in our main lobby. The display will have a picture of my 7 staff members and myself, were there will be a breif bio on each. And I also will display pictures of the different activities we do in our department. And later that week I'm taking them out to eat for dinner.
  2. When I was Assistant Activity Director I made $11.00. I'm in Western Mass, so you have to look at your area and the difference in pay. Hope I helped Lisa
  3. What I'm doing that has worked very well in the past, is reading superstitions. It ended being a great dissucssion group. I found some books on superstitions, but I have also found some great ones on the internet too. Good luck. :-)
  4. Thank-you so much. I thought of giving residents an activity packet with information when they go home. It would also be a great assest for them to add community information too. It will be time consuming, but worth it in the end. You'll be in my prayers tonight!
  5. :-? Being the new Activity Director at a 100 bed Nursing Home facility I discovered that it is required that Activities has to do a discharge plan for residents going home. I've been in the field for 5 years and never ran across discharge planning. Does anyone have any advise, or where I can get reading material to get educated in this area? Any help would be great.
  6. :-) Some great ideas that I have never thought of! I know I will apply some of them this month! Thanks
  7. :-) I need some help. In a few weeks I'm starting a new (Activity Directors) job at a bigger facility then the one I"m at now. I currently work at a 34 bed facility and going to a 100 bed facility. I know I need a new program to create my calendar because of all that needs to fit in one day, and I cant' do it with the program I have now (Calendar Creator). The current Activity Director who will be leaving sends out her calendar, so I want to save money and do it myself. What types of programs are there? What do you recommend. Thank you for any help you can offer me.
  8. Leese1


    Laree, I just signed on as a new member and I seen your dilemma on budgeting. I am in the same situation as you. I work in a 34 bed facility and only get $50.00 a month. Luckly I can run off my calendar on our photo copier. I wanted to post a few fundraisers that were a big hit at my facility. Baskets - I asked each department to donate items into a theme basket: Romantic, Bed& Bath, Garden, Mexican and then sold the tickets in the facility and out into the community. So far we have raised $250 and the drawing is in Aug Santa Gram - alot of the staff have younger children
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