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  1. Hi :hammer: I will send it to the site as soon as I get time, it is quite large. Can one of our administrators please tell me how to do it? Perhaps email me and I will get it better.
  2. Hello :hammer: Sensory stimulation is sometimes the only activity which I can give to some of our residents due to their cognitive deficits (loss). I give hand and foot massages, head massages (or comb hair) shoulder massages, I use nature sounds (music and bird calls, water trickling waves of the sea etc) relaxing videos with soundscapes. cooking or just making bread in the electric bread maker (the wafting smell of bread) . what sort of things do you do? :-)
  3. Hi Illucas :hammer: I have experienced similar situation, although my lady residents do not use tampons and most are in depend pads, they too have desires and feelings, and I have witnessed some developing relationships with our male residents. Most of the women are content to hold hands and occassionally kiss, but I have not witnessed anything else although some nurses have told stories that whilst doing rounds in the evening, they have discovered attempts of bed sharing. :-o I have also seen many of the male residents who are quite demented gratifying themselves, usually nurses place a sheet over them but I prefer to wheel them into a secluded and more private area whilst they go about their personal business. Some nursing homes have set up a room for communual rights of partners. we do not have this and I have not had relatives speak to me about this although i see the frustration of the husbands and wives when they come to visit. This is a need that does not get addressed within our everyday leisure and recreation activities although we should be seriously thinking about it. Also same sex relationships are there although one of the partners has become a resident does not switch off the desires of the partner. What can you do?? :-)
  4. Hi Miguel, :-) The manual is in English I meant I was not American as I live in Australia and didn't know if your policies would be similiar or not.
  5. Great ideas, Thankyou for them. You are truly gifted. :-)
  6. I have completed a Policy and procedure manual, quite intense actually but due to not being American, I dont know if it will be of much use to you. Let me know :-)
  7. Magic Pennie!! I have had a look at the site and generated some questions, wonderful results, Thankyou for the lead. :-)
  8. To gain more information about those within your care, I find that besides reading case notes I do the super slueth, and that is by ringing or writing to family members, I try to piece the information together and build up a profile. This is if I am unable to get information from the resident due to cognitive disabilities. by giving residents little tasks in assisting you is the best way to get them interested in activities, you find that most people need to be needed and by your enthusiasm and encouragement and also genuine grattitude exhibited you will find those within your care feeling more comfortable with you and will join. :-)
  9. I realise that validating the residents thoughts are the best way to deal with sundowning. What do you do to alleviate this problem? Are there any good sites to go to which give helpful hints and ideas to engage the person in meaningful activities and thus preventing them hurting themselves or others within the facility. :-)
  10. Has anyone got ideas on how to overcome the agressive nature of those within our care, who become frustrated and hit out? What do you do in respect to activities and how do you stop them wandering and causing anxiety for the others within our group? :roll:
  11. Getting Residents to assist with replying as Santa is a great way for them to be involved make sure that the answers are all type written via the computer, and in Monoscript. Involving my residents in pre Christmas traditions is fun for all. You do need to be organised and allow yourself at least 3 weeks pre Christmas to have all letters replied. Reminisence becomes very intense, and even the glass of milk and cookies is left in our day room. :-D
  12. Gina you are an exceptional lady!! what great ideas, I need someone like you working with me! what a storm we would be. I work in Mental Health and although still elderly am unable to do a lot of the great sugested ideas, due to absconding and sucidal tendancies. By the way when is the chat room really open? I am from Australia and need a time stated to get it together. :-D
  13. Bobbie


    My 1:1 times are spent using tactile and sensory stimulation, we will chat and perhaps have a coffee whilst a hand massage is given. Careful with creams used as this can make handling cups hazardous due to being slippery. Walks in gardens and being taken for walks whilst in chairs are also opportunities to engage in 1:1 time with residents
  14. Mens activities can be as diverse as you wish. Depending upon abilities of the resident you can change or adapt any activities and just rename it. Cars, Plants, Magazines,....Bird watching and not just the feathered variety are all excellent past times for most men including watching favorite sports, fishing and washing cars.
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