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  1. dear bobbye i was wondering, are you required to be commercial licensed as a recreation director? are you doing the primary driving daily or is the Active Living Assistnat mainly the driver? can you tell me more? are you stretched out thin, are staff nice, how did you end up to be merrill garden"er"? was it through a property transition? is anyone in the san francisco Bay Area that can tell me a company that teaches you to drive a mini-bus -class b? please help. thanks
  2. What company do you work for? Anyone heard of Merrill Gardens?
  3. Is anyone aware of a company that will teach you how to drive one of those 24 passenger buses in Bay Area of San Francisco, San Jose, Hayward area? i am looking for drivers training for a 24 passenger bus....desperately need a bus license.
  4. is a long abandoned topic...... but has anyone thought about working for a hotel if they stop working for a retirement home?
  5. I was just wondering on a couple of things. first off, long time no post and hats off to those who have reached milestones as an ad. I made my 1 year in mid january. but now, any inputs about the appetizers dietary normally make for st patricks day party? second thing i am wondering. can i hear some stories (emotional, work load, pay) working as an ad for a assisted living level? Are they very frail and forgetful and at the last stretch of life? i am thinking and wondering about wha tthe transition will be like if i leap in to Assisted livng or solely memory unit. is it depressing, pesty, fun, funny? oh, i recently started darts game, family feud game and running the "Food Unwrapped" series for them. the first time i ran family feud on dvd, i had 12 people showing up before the schduled time for the activity. hope to hear some help. much needed help. Thanks
  6. fremontca


    I am going to start dar game in a copl of weeks with independent living residents, what do i do to make it fun, and popular.m(just like trivia and spelling bee i started)_
  7. Happy Holidays to all Board Members. I am not sure if i had inquired before, but if there were no more retirement homes tomorrow in this world, what would aff of us do spinning off from being an activity director. you think we'll make more not being an AD?
  8. Sorry everone activity directors i mean happy thanksgiving. anyone being a ad first thanksgiving? though is a big day for most of us, i really reflected on how hard it is for the residents to have to stay where they are while all we who work there goes home, and feast. (still young to eat) i felt happy for the res that i made their day and year special, but really felt even kindda sad to leave them behind in such days of this. is this likely to feel more harsh at christmas and new year? or am i just weird to feel this way as an ad. Happy Thanksgiving everyone
  9. Finally got this physical thing done now just study for the written test and i'll be a driver. physical was more palpating than i thought but less extensive in some ways... now i've got two years to escape from. Happy easter Everyone
  10. Help. I am new to every holiday. I need help in having some ideas for a Hanukah thing my boss would like me to put together. Please help Fremontca
  11. Isnt it funny how a resident will always find something wrong with the calendar and yet they always ask what is going on per scheduled calendar activities? let me re-phrase.... isn't the following scenario funny?? "Social hour - 3:30 Living Room" Event "Socal hour - 3:30 living roam" Typo on the calendar What the residents would do "Is Social Hour and is living room nor living roam. etc etc...." but they are the same ones that would stop you at 2:50 when you are trying to finish up setting the room and ask "what are you setting up for? you tell them social hour, and they would ask you what time" any similar stories worth sharing for a good laugh?
  12. Guest_carol: Long time no response with this subj. but glad to hear another "piece of cake" feed back. And in betwen time, its been scheduled alrady so i will know first hand. thnx again
  13. Tania: Artists i have had luck with includes the following: Patti Page, Conni Francis, Good Ole Frank Sin., Platters, pretenders, bing crosby, and a lot more I have had this for about 2 fridays to three fridays a month since june. starting to really run low on various artists. go to time life and order some golden oldies. Smoke Gets in your eyes, how much is that doggy. Tony Bennett Irvin Berlin..... (stretisand doesnt go as well for my group... i'll keep updating for you. Spelling bee took a month and a half to take off. but is staying steady. Draw Charade never took off.... walking program indoor and outdoor with in the community does not take off. (Art class is falling out of place) I too get frustrated and discouraged sometimes and actually lose my calm. but just wash your face with cold water..... there are other things that one can do with this backfround if they give this up.... I dont know what yet. When i read about the new girl being trained and how the residents went up in arms when there were changes int he calendars i just had to laugh and almost started to get sad...cuz i go through that every month change or not, there is "Nothing too do" or is "It used to be done this way" or this would interfere with their long time historic traditional activity..... how do you guys look beyond that and still have fun.... i'lve got an inhouse casino night happening in october, and a luau in 21st of sept and i am so overwhlemd about how to do it i keep running my fingers on my hair and cant get started..... i SUCK I SUCK I SUCK at the whole idea of getting things prepared and decorating..... it wastes so much time and is so busy through out the day to be not doing the stuff and be decorating...... i cant get stressed, i have a dot medical a week after the hawaiian crap. (oops, sorry, it jsut felt good to say) then around that day is going to be time to start the dag gahn october calendar already. HELP... I NEED TO TONE DOWN If any help can be offered, it would be great......... how do you tune things out....
  14. would they go in to travel planning? does anyone have a rough range for salary for a ad position w/ no cert or drivers license in the sf-ca area?
  15. Just curious thinking with background as AD, what are some alternate careers/positions one can assume... In fact, wjat os tje average turnover for a position as a ad? Any feedbacks? hope labor day was great to everyone's residents
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