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  1. Do you feel that any random activity will be able to promote or enchance a residen'ts physical, cognitive, and emotional health? Or do you think that activities should actually be more research based and proven effective?
  2. How does everyone feel about this change? Do you feel it was a good idea for them to make this change when they have been stressing "age-appropriate" for years now? And one more thing Penny, I agree with you 100% about giving residents and family a sanctuary type area where they can be happy, have fun, gossip, and laugh. However, an activity is not just an activity, an activity can improve some residents cognitive levels, it can get their mobility levels up, it can decrease aggresive behavior, activities can improve their lives on so many levels that i find it absolutely important that all Activity Staff be on top of things. Do what you do but improve their lives at the same time, it's possible, and they deserve it.
  3. Do you guys think that any changes will need to made to to your activity programs to "match the skills, abilities, needs, and preferences of each resident with the demands of the activity?" Is this even possible? How in the world is one supposed to adapt a small group activity to be "person appropriate" for each person there?
  4. Angeliquepache, Here are two associations for california, all you have to do is contact them. Sometimes they don't have a website but most actually have an association. Activity Coordinators Northern California Council Lois Sciligo, President 1630 E. Lassen Ave Chico, CA 95973 530-894-5429 Southern California Association of Activity Professionals Joan Flannigan, President Activities Consultant (760) 434-7101 http://www.scaap.net/ Kate Lynch ElderCare Activities Guide The ElderCare Store
  5. Thanks Linda! Its always interesting to read these types of surveys, I just wish there was more than a 2% response rate. Do you have any inclinations as to why the other 98% of people didn't respond?
  6. hey guys, i am trying to figure out which states require their AD's to be certified. If you could, please list your state and certification or no certification. I think it will be helpful for those just coming into the AD profession and those looking into getting into it. Thank you so much! Kate
  7. Kate

    Hey Guys!

    Hey guys! I thought you might be interested in this new offer for ElderCare Actvities Guide, It expires on Oct. 30th. --1 year trial subscription by mail… only $24! --Maximum savings: 1 year trial subscription delivered electronically via PDF file. Only $18!
  8. Thank you to everyone who voted! I will still be accepting votes until October 1st. Kate
  9. Back in 2001 Medicare issued a memorandum stating that treatment of dementia definitely qualified for Medicare payments, including "pharmacologic, physical, occupational, speech-language and other therapies." Can you get these payments in your activities programs if they include activities that are known to improve cognitive abilities?
  10. hey erin, you may have to check in with the owner of this site...which is Pennie i believe. Maybe send her an email.
  11. Hey everyone, please take the time to fill out this poll. I am doing a mini research project on Activity Directors and their education and it would really help me out! Thank you in advance!
  12. Also check out: http://www.copyright.gov/register/literary.html, unfortunately there is a $30 fee to this. Good Luck!
  13. Does anyone have a recycling program in your facility and do you have your residents participate in it? :-P
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