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  1. We did not name our snack time. It is simply incorporated into our morning and afternoon activities. It is not necessarily as seperate time as there are usually other things going on, such as music, trivia or word games, while they are eating. This works just as well on our dementia unit. We decided that it was just one more thing to come up with a clever name for on an already full calendar and opted not to. Our residents, even those with dementia, know that they will be served refreshments during the activities.
  2. If you can email me the questions I will answer them for you. I have been in the field for 6 years. heather_yager@yahoo.com
  3. All of our activity staff are also CNAs so that we can assist with things like the dining program. My staff are assigned to those residents who would benefit from having someone sit with them 1:1 and encourage them to eat. I would be cautious in calling it a "Feeding Assistant Program" as we are assisting our residents to eat, feeding is what we do with very young children. Saying that we are feeding a resident has been considered a diginity issue in some states during the annual survey process. Just something to think about. Heather
  4. We wear masks, decorate wheelchairs and have a parade of residents down the hall. We have done this for five years and they always look forward to it. Have fun!
  5. Interesting that this topic is here as we just purchased cloth napkins to use instead of clothing protectors. We will be implementing this tomorrow at breakfast. Our policy will be to offer the napkin instead of a clothing protector if the resident asks for one. We are encouraging all of our residents to try this first. However, if they ask for a clothing protector instead it will be documented in the care plan. Will let you know how it goes.
  6. Thanks for all of the advice. We have tried offering incentives but noone was interested. I like the idea of a family council. No one in the facility can seem to find a copy of the resident council by-laws so we are looking at writing some with resident approval. We are also looking at having 3-5 residents that would be the council representatives. They would take turns with the various duties. This is getting some positive response because there is not an actual title to the postition; makes them feel like they are not making such a committment if they choose to be a leader. Will keep working at it until we find a solution that works. My concern is that our window opens soon and our surveyors were just trained in the new process. I don't like having issues like this hanging over my head; when they are here, there is enough aggravation
  7. Hi! We are having some issues with our resident council that I am not quite sure how to handle. Our president, who was elected by default a couple of years ago (no one else wanted the job), is now declining and unable fulfill his duties. He is unable to communicate clearly and falls asleep during the meetings. All of our other officers have passed away in the last year or so. The other residents either do not want to hold a position or are unable to do so. Any suggestions on how we can restructure our resident council?
  8. I have never seen a regulation pertaining to the length and frequency of 1:1 visits. It is my understanding that the purpose of 1:1 visits, or any type of activity, is to meet the leisure needs of the residents. How can one put a time limit on this, as the needs of each person are so different. For one, a brief visit once a week may be all they desire while the individual in the room next door may like to have a lengthy visit twice a week. I think the key is to look at each person as an individual and ensure their needs are being met. If you document and care plan well there should not be a problem. Just my thoughts on the topic.
  9. Missy-the best advice I can offer is to be sure the notes are individualized. I try to write mine so that a complete stranger could get an accurate picture of what that resident likes to do. Things I include in my notes are group activity participation, response to 1:1 visits, independent activities, does the resident need reminders of scheduled programs or assistance with particular activities, hearing loss, vision problems and a review of the activity care plan goals. I try to be specific as much as possible, including favorite television programs, times of day they are more active, etc. Hope this helps! Good luck!
  10. All of our long term care residents have a routine schedule for getting their hair done. For example, Mrs. Jones may get hers done the first Monday of the month, Mrs. Smith gets hers washed every Friday, etc. Our CNAs know their schedules and assist them with getting to the shop on the right days. Our contracted beautician sets up the schedule for the short term residents to fit around the set schedules. As for billing, if the funds do not come out of their resident accounts, the family must pay for services prior to the appointment. Good luck!
  11. We play bingo 5-6 times a week and give change for prizes the residents spend at the snack machines or accumulate and add to their resident accounts for shopping trips. I have a staff member who does shopping 2x a month for those who cannot get out to shop. I have been here for five surveys, one of them a federal one, and have never had a problem with the number of times we play bingo. I do have five other activities scheduled daily and maybe that is what has kept there from being any problems because we are still offering such a variety of activities.
  12. Jules-I live in Florida and am actually in a pretty rural area. We are a privately owned facility with an owner who is very supportive of what our department does.
  13. I am going to respond but my answers will probably make some of you envious. I am fortunate to work in a facility that is very supportive of activities and currently has no plans to cut hours. That could all change in a heartbeat but for now I will count my blessings. I have a staff of nine besides myself. How many Bed Facility are you? 180 Do you currently have any unfilled/open beds? about 8 How many hours per week does your activity staff work (total)? 276 not including mine How long does the last activity staff stay? between 8:30 and 9:00 Monday-Friday What are your hours scheduled for weekends? Saturday and Sunday, 2 people scheduled, 1 does 7:00-3:30 and then other 9:00-5:30 Is your Activity Director full-time or how many hours worked (not included in above)? 40 hours, full time
  14. I am willing to share the one that I wrote for our facility. I am currently in the process of redoing parts of it but could share the one I did two years ago. It would at least be a place to start. E-mail me at heather_yager@yahoo.com if interested.
  15. I guess we are fortunate here at our facility. Bingo was in place long before I arrived and that was the one thing I was informed that I could not change. We play for money during our 4-5 bingo games weekly. Regular bingo is 30 cents, picture frame is 50 cents and coverall is one dollar. We pay out 4.20 for each day we play. Multiple winners in a round, split the prize. We do other things for special bingo games. We are a private facility and the bingo prize money is just included in the annual budget for activities. I would not choose to pay for all the bingo games but this is one thing the admin wanted to remain the same. Actually, I guess turned into a good thing for me because I do not have to fight that fight!
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