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  1. I have found the biggest thing that will get people to help is helping them. I know I can't help toilet people or that kind of thing, but anything else at all I can do, I do for the nursing staff. Getting people in and out of the dining room, getting tablecloths on the tables, getting bibs on people, fixing people drinks before the trays come out. I also try to keep an eye out for when the nursing staff is really swamped and they have a needy resident calling out. I've been passing by just to make copies but I'll snag the resident and push them along with me, talk to them the whole time an
  2. You can take them to restaurants but I would highly recommend being very choosy, scoping the place out first, taking as many family volunteers and staff as possible, and warning the restaurant staff first. We are very fortunate: there are two places close nearby that do not use their dining rooms at lunchtime (they serve in the bar/lounge area) but they will let us sit in the dining area. They give us pitchers of tea and water so that we can refill the resident's glasses ourselves. It's a great way to let the residents get out for a change of scenery without disturbing a whole restaurant.
  3. Anyone want to help me brainstorm some fun names? They can't be too childish sounding because our home office would have a fit. Our dietary department recently started a fresh snack program and we're killing a bunch of birds with one stone by incorporating it with our morning and afternoon activities (free supplies for us, residents get their snacks, one less thing for nursing to do, and residents LOVE activities with food, so this is awesome!) But I'm running out of good names. Since it's almost every day, I don't want to reuse the same names too much. And the snacks are not consistent,
  4. Yes, if anyone has any input, I'd also love to know.
  5. That is an awesome idea! I did this the first year I was here (2007.) I did a different country every month and the whole month was loosely themed around it. Not every single activity was geared towards that country, but we usually had one big party where I dressed up accordingly and had decorations and food from that country, we usually had a few arts and crafts themed to it. And I'd try to find movies from the country, I'd play music from the country and read a story or poems from the country. Let's see, I believe this was the months and countries: July: Italy (no real reason) August:
  6. Yes, I actually do have a very talented guitarist/singer who plays every other Wednesday. He used to play every Wednesday but budget cuts forced me to reduce his performances (he's $100 a time.) My residents wanted something else musical in place, and since I can't play any other instruments but I can sing, I chose karaoke. They actually really like it and I've convinced girls that sing for fun at my dad's karaoke bar to come in and sing too. They like it because they get way more turns than at the bar and the guys telling them they are pretty are way less sleazy. We do a finishing nu
  7. Can you guys help me compile a list of "old timey songs" that the residents will know? Our population is on average about 85, ranging from one 71 year old to a 101 year old. I got a karaoke machine and my father is a karaoke DJ so he has or can get every song ever made, but I don't know what to tell him to get. "Old stuff" is not working, ha! So far, I have: Let Me Call You Sweetheart Bicycle Built for Two/Daisy Don't Get Around Much Anymore New York, New York I know the last two are not really OLD, but they all sing them when our bi-weekly entertainer comes and does them. So I
  8. I would say that anyone who went on the last outing is on the "wait list" for the next one. That is, they have to sign up on a separate sheet, and if there are still any openings, then the first people on the wait list get to go.
  9. I get $700 per month, for 6 Memory care, 10 AL, and 15 Skilled nursing residents, so 31 residents. That's $22.50 a month per resident, or 75 cents per person, per day. That sounds like a lot but it's not; because we're an "upscale" for-profit place. So they expect everything to be really high end (no cheesy decorations or crafts). AND, we don't get donations of anything hardly ever because we're not in need. I spend $200 of it a month for two performances by a guitarist/singer who is worth every penny. The rest goes to bingo candy (sugar free is SO expensive!), party supplies and deco
  10. Ah, I know just the thing. It's a DVD by Yoga Zone. http://www.amazon.com/Yoga-Zone-Meditation...843&sr=8-24 There are two sessions. The music and narration is really good. http://www.amazon.com/Yoga-Zone-Conditioni...8828&sr=8-4 Also, this DVD is an active yoga one, but the last 10 minutes is meditation and relaxation and it's so good. I used to do it every night before bed (and I probably should start again!) He talks about imagining someone pouring warm oil over your head and shoulders...and his voice is so relaxing...zzzz.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=
  11. Another thing that other staff members constantly "don't get" is going on meal outings. I have had so many snide, jealous remarks about my lunch outings. When it gets really bad I offer to take that smart mouthed staff member with me. After their meal has gone cold because they have to escort someone to the bathroom; after they break up the bitter disagreement between two residents ("I ordered that!" "No, it's MY food!"); after they have to do the desperate corralling of ten slightly to severely confused people (who are all different speeds with walking) in one direction, etc, etc; they ne
  12. I only take AL residents that can get around by themselves, use the restroom by themselves, etc, on outings where we have to get off the bus. I have bad luck with staff cooperation and volunteers and though I do have family members occasionally "jump on the bus" at the last minute, I can never count on having any help so I limit it to the AL residents. I have about 10 residents on each outing of this type, just me and the driver, so the ratio is 1:5. Now, once a week, my assistant and the driver do scenic drives with all residents being invited, even the lowest functioning Skilled nurs
  13. Don't quote me on this, as I'm not an expert, but I was a teenage worker. I was allowed to work up to 25 hours a week when I was 16. I remember getting a work permit from the school board which proved I was still attending class or whatever. I don't see why it would be anything as little as 10 hours. If she was 14, maybe. But 16 should be able to work quite a bit, as long as it's evenings and weekends.
  14. I don't think you have to worry about charting for independent residents. We are a continuing care facility, and my counterpart in the independent side (called the "Resident Services Director") does not chart anything for them. I believe she keeps track of participation as in, "14 people went on the museum outing," "35 people came to Casino night," etc. And as for the poster who said they were stumped as to how to write progress notes, I'll give you an example. Here's one, word for word, that I wrote on one of my Skilled residents who is mobile and participates in AL activities. ---
  15. Thanks for all the input, guys. As for the dangerous power chair resident, I had brought it up at morning meetings, and other staff had seen it, but the family didn't want her to lose her freedom - well, she ran over her foot and broke it. She's now in a standard chair. Which causes a new problem because she is 250 lbs and hard to push. Bleh, it never gets easier. I've put a freeze on trying to take skilled and memory residents on "get off the bus" outings for a while; as the one I planned and let the DON and admin know about 4 weeks ahead of time, then reminded several times before,
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