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  1. Going to have a cruise themed Fathers Day weekend. Going to take the residents to a gambling ship outing on one of the days. Special music on another day with dancing. The last day would be the Men and Mugs (sort of a tea I had with ladies only for guys and coffee) That is the problem one. Need help putting that into the theme. Ideas please! OR ideas in general for cheaper decorations/crafts would help too!
  2. Need to start a weekend of activities for my ladies on Mothers Day Friday afternoon! Have a tea and music already planned! NOW need something for Friday too! HELP! Ideas PLEASE!!!
  3. I am in FL so can't help you there! For me sending me mail via the post office is one of the best way with your web site, cost of an hour, and a few referals would help. OH and if your playing anywhere close where I could come to see you. You have to understanf our days are so busy that though we need your help it is hard to find a moment to stop and listen. It is easier to listen after hours. Maybe offer a free show would help too! . Wish you could share how to tell someone that they sing flat and I am not interested! Have had performers call constantly and it is hard to say! GOOD LUCK!
  4. I am at an independent (though I think some of the residents should be in assisted) Anyway Managers say I have to do a super bowl kick off party! Thing is we have no big football people! PLUS it is from 2-4 and no game watching! SO thought some trivia would work.Have photos of NFL logos that match the name to the logo. Any other ideas? Yes we will have the munchies too. But for 2 hours think I will need more! Help!
  5. GREAT! Better something than nothing! Plus those in your care will so appreciate you! Try to not look at the pay! Look at the smiles you will be creating!
  6. Next month having a :Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis" come and sing. I want to do a special senterpiece for the tables.Was thinking ofmartini glasseswith a clear gel and a "olive" (painted wooden ball) What do you think? any other ideas?
  7. pkc

    Winter Olympics

    I am going to be having some Olympic games the end of this month. As I always do I look over old posts here for ideas. ANYWAY Cindymaybe I saw on old one from you June 2004 where you commented the the below. I sure would like to have a copy of that information if you still have it. THANKS! PKC I just helped a couple of other ADs from our site here with their olympics and I would be glad to help you as well. I can fax you our info. We have many games for all cognitive and physical capabilities. We have a point system and an award ceremony. If you would like the info let me know.
  8. I am employeed at an Independent community. Have been thinking that if I ever needed/wanted to change jobs that maybe I should get the certification. Anyway I am alergic to flu shots. Is it a requirement for employment in assisted living communities? Or because I am allergic I would be excussed? No since in going through certification if they don't.
  9. Going to have a crazy hat tea party the end of the month. Want to create a FAST fantasy forest look! Ideas? We are independent so safety isn't quiet as much of an issue. Have several cardboard mushrooms and large cardboard flowers. Was thinking of stacking round mailing tubes but they are so small diameter with branches somehow sticking into them. I don't want the Christmas tree look either. Ideas please!
  10. We have VERY limited space around out pool table so can't even play pool! Anyway since no one can play it but can NOT get rid of it I need ideas on waht games I could play on it! Maybe there is a board I could put over the top and play something else! Ideas please!
  11. Did you do a search for ideas? I just did and though the posts were older still great ideas!
  12. How about starting a kitchen band. Use "caned" music that they can play alomg with. Christmas carols is a great way to start. If you are excited they will be more likely to be too. Start with spoons to beat on the table if you have to. Ask the kitchen if they have any pots they could donate. This isn't a dream job but will be a challenge to your creativity. Odds are you will be able to learn what you did there on your next postition. Next interview I would suggest you and everyone else asks that question.
  13. I have some left over money from a sale. I was thinking about getting a pinball machine! Not a video type, the vintage ones. Anyway was wondering if anyone had input on them. Our residents are independent though most do use walkers. SO figure might need to find a table top version. Wanted your input before I mention this to the residents. I don't want to disapoint them. THANKS!
  14. Here are a few ideas. Talk to other people in the field in the area for suggestions. Do a web search with something like music and your city/state (I have something called gigmasters here that I search through though they are pricy at times) Contact Wedding booking groups. They MIGHT give some referals. Go to nightclubs and hear them Put a cl;assifed ad in the paper Contact local music teachers and schools maybe they can hold a recital at your place. Start a kitchen band. Maybe have a compation between other facilities. Good LUCK!
  15. Company wants little of better yet FREE events to bring in the community to showcase our community! But they want it to be top quality! Yikes tall orders! Ideas please! Already planning on the yard sale. I know you will all come through for me. THANKS
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