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  1. Good suggestion about local newspaper. I had eleven this last time due to involving the Alz Org as the speaker and giving my caregivers 1 hour credit for attending. I will try the local newspaper idea too. That's a good one. Thanks much! Bennie
  2. Bennie in Texas! I'm a firm believer in using music and singing in Memory Care. It changes any bad scene; especially if you know their favorite. When they are becoming agitated, or having emotional moments…music can change the atmosphere and since that's my love I keep songs ready. At any moment I will break out with a favorite to change the atmosphere! They join in and I love how it transforms them from lonely, bored, sad, or just confused. I use all you mentioned in my Memory Care and have a wonderful musician from Assisted Living who comes every Thursday at 3:30pm and plays all their favorites. It's great to utilize other residents that have the gift of music, who grew up in that era, and can add more to the entertainment. The musician reflects back on some of the songs: such as what was going on during the time that music arrived. This is therapy for all and there is no charge. Most of my residents always enjoy the hymns (Amazing Grace, Blessed Assurance, What A Friend, I Come to the Garden Alone, How Great Thou Art, He's Got the Whole World, This Little Light Of Mine, Give Me That Old Time Religion, When the saints go marching In......All the patriotic songs they remember: America, Star Spangled Banner, My Country Tis of Thee, Battle Hymn of Republic, etc I also have band cds such as Benny Goodman, etc., they love hearing those and then some days it's just Country Western where they get up and dance. You should see them move in those wheel chairs. Some forget they are bound and get up and dance with caregivers! I like getting them engaged with songs that require movement: If you happy and you know it clap your hands...they love this one! I also taught them a song with rhythm using clapping titled "You are a Mighty God." It amazes the staff to see them engaged in this song because of their memory loss. However, they remember it every time I bring it out. We clapp four times at different times, and they get their hands ready when we do this song....they wave during other portions of the song. It's an awesome song for seniors and am so happy when we sing it and they become engaged. Even a man that is usually slow about engaging joins in on these type songs. Email me if you'd like it. Bennie in Texas!
  3. Hi everyone! I have Support Group meetings every month on 1st Thursday's from 6:30pm to 7:30pm, and need to improve attendance. Have speakers, send flyers (internally and externally), serve refreshments. My highest attendance has only been 5. I feel lucky if I get 3. Appreciate any suggestions on how to increase attendance? The topic: "Communication" and the speaker is a trainer from Alz Association. Bennie in Texas!
  4. Me too! We made it through week 1. Wow! Bennie in Texas!
  5. Hello and welcome! It's great to hear from you and look forward to the journey. Bennie in Texas!
  6. jennb54


    Hi Karen, I use a number of the already mentioned but also use the following: activityconnection.org is great for planning calendars, daily chronicles, and activities. You can get a subscription for less than $10 a month. Teachers Depot is another favorite where I get bean bags, maps, and manipulatives. I like the colorful dominoes and we use these for math games in group activities. I also enjoy Kroger's weekly sales papers. Their color and layout is easy for residents to read and we use it weekly to go shopping. I get one weekly for each resident. The residents discuss what's on sale, which leads to reminiscing about the prices (back in their day) and also we learn some favorite items from the residents. They are given markers to circle what they would purchase and we make a grocery list. It is also helpful to us to give to dining services or in planning activities for making snacks. We learn their favorites such as if it's Blue Bell....they will circle the flavor and some make their grocery list and come up with how much they would spend. It really is a fun event. Later we might take some shopping and bring back some items and they have a blast! We have also gone on a field trip to local store and had our photo with the store manager. Bennie
  7. hi I would like to see more quick and easy activities that are in reproducible format and large print to accomodate those who are vision impaired. Spend a lot of time copying and enlarging print for my residents. More examples of life stations would also be useful. Bennie
  8. My problem area that I could defintely use help are planning men's activities. I currently have only two, but do not feel we do very much for their individual activity needs. One is a loner, never married, and both are military men. Would like to have more things that interest them and engage them more often. Bennie
  9. Hi I'm Bennie, Located in the North Dallas area and have been an activity director in a Memory Care Center for a little over a year. Enjoy my current position, learning the administration and industry. Have education degree and marketing experience; but first time doing an online course. Finding first week overwhelming! Love working with seniors and look forward to growing in the field. My experience with long term care is with family member who had dementia, and I was the caregiver for over three years. Enjoy spiritual events, stock car racing, movies, and seniors. Have worked with the homeless and doing community service with food pantries and helping those in need. During my childhood did volunteering at skilled nursing facilities with parents. Love working with seniors and look forward to growing in the field. Hope I can make it through this certification program....
  10. I had a lady that never spoke and seemed very unresponsive for about 6 months after taking the job. One day I went out for lunch to a resale shop and purchased some cute dolls. Upon returning I placed one of the dolls in her lap. She raised her head, looked at me and said, "oh how precious!" She's been talking daily since that encounter. Her family informed me she used to be a school teacher. So I began to bring in more activities such as maps, large puzzles, jumbo cards, etc.., large print bible stories....guess what? She's yet talking! Keep the faith, learn about their past and continue to use one on one approach! I expect great things from my residents...and somehow it just happens...... Bennie,
  11. I have 17 residents that range from mild to moderately dementia stages. What type of trips do you take your Memory Care residents We attend bus rides and some specific trips but would like to get other ideas. Thanks, Bennie
  12. I have 17 residents that range from mild to moderately dementia stages. What type of trips do you take your Memory Care residents? We attend bus rides and some specific trips but would like to get other ideas. Thanks, Bennie
  13. I find with Memory Care residents Music and Children will always get involvement. They enjoy singing, dancing, and seeing children. Bennie
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