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    Hey there, the residents in my facility love the games. We play it 6 days a week. The men line up an hour before we play. I have now purchased Wii play and the men are now duck hunting. Tracy
  2. Chris, I am interested. Please e-mail me any information or copies of I care plans. Thanks, Tracy mizncg8r@tampabay.rr.com
  3. I copy my monthly cal and then put my 1:1 page on the back and recopy 2 sided for all the residents. I highlight the cal. for those who particapate and we use a check off for the 1:1. The 1:1 list is 31 days across and it has 1:1 activities going down. If any one wants a copy of my 1:1 list please email me at tmarsteller@wservices.org. After all these years this seams to work best for me. We also have person centered care program so I have a binder for the CNA's to fill out and this is my 1:1 sheet for each resident kept in there break room for them to check off daily. Take care tracy
  4. I would like it. Please e-mail me at mizncg8r@tampabay.rr.com and I will give you my address. Thanks, Tracy
  5. Thanks all, I give all departments and department heads a calander. I keep records forall events, 1:1 and everything. I will invite him to events. His office is nit in the same wing as the activity room but is across the hall from the dinning room. We have activities there daily also. The residents have even told him they are having a great time in activities. Have the resident hang outside his office with the keriokie machine tomorrow....hehehehe As for asking for help, everyone will say they will help but when it comes time no one shows. Christmas was a pain. He hadme running the residents Christmas party and the staff Christmas Party and inservice at the same time. OMG I felt bad for the residents because I felt they got short changed. I needed a drink that night and I dont drink. My administrator is kinda new. Will she about more pictures. Thanks all. Tracy
  6. hey y'al, I need some suggestions. My Administrator says that he does not notice activities going on at the facility. Now I work at a 120 bed facility that currently has 64 people. I run 6-8 activities a day plus 1:1's. He and some of the main office staff dont notice activities being ran. OK like we are not shouting in the halls. I have entertainment twice a week. one free and one charges. Sining, playing music. I dance with the residents, ect. I program by the residents wants and needs. I have a activity commitee that ok's the activity calendar monthly. I go by the assessments also. I dont know if he wants the activities to be laud or what. We do get noisy with entertainment, bodies in motion and kereokie (spelled wrong sorry). I am just flustered. I would appriate any advice from y'al. Tracy
  7. First of all I had a Fall Festival the weekend before Halloween due to the overwelming negitivity from the residents and who do not celebrate the 31st. I had invited residents, staff and staffs children to the event. Planned it for a Saturday afternoon. Had a sign up sheet for staff's children so I would know how many goodie bags to prepare and how much food to order. I had games, food and crafts to make. No one signed up thier children. No staff came. I did have residents particapate and had a great time. Here lies the rub. The DON was upset that I didnot have a "halloween" party for staff and residents on halloween. she put on a big show at the stand up meeting Monday. Posted a sign up that the residents wanted everyone to dress up. (I polled the residents in September on what they wanted to do). Planned a pot luck, ect. Stated that I didnt know what the residents wanted. Well no one dressed up except for myself and 3 other depatment heads. I quess I am just venting. My main thing is at least the residents enjoyed the party that they had wanted.
  8. yuppers, hey from florida, it is a dignity, rights issue. You cannot speak another laungage in frot of residents (happens here alot). Our staff is spanish, creole and hatian. we were tagged for this in April. Tracy
  9. Hi y'al I live in Parrish FL but work in Sarasota, FL Also worked in Wilksboro, NC Tracy
  10. Hey there... Been there done that. My Admisistrator even went as far as telling me in front of the residents, that he was going to take the tv out of the room. I have explained per F tags, health and safety, that you can not move a resident to get an resdident out of the activity room. I took things to the resident council. They the residents made the decision about what activities they wanted. In addition, I told the Administrator and the DON that its the choice of the residents, and the regs concerning redidents choice, and the seperation of inapropriate residents in activities. You can get dinged for sleeping residents, non particapating residents ect. I copied the regs and gave them to both don and the administrator. BTW I was offered a job I did not apply for today. I took it. I am still an AD but for another facility. They were also weighing people in the halls and activity rooms, alot of dignity issues. When confronted they stated "well we just wont do it when state is here". I had to get out, but I feel guilty for leaving the residents, I was there voice. T
  11. Hey there, I had the same thing happen to me. I work m-f. MTTHF 8:30-4:30 Wed 8:30-7:30. My assistant for now works WTHFS 8:30-4:30, Tues 8:30-7:30. I have a pastor come in on monday nights, so I have 3 nights of activities scheduled and one on the week end. I also have chirch services on sunday so that I provide activities 7 days a week. Hope this helps. Tracy
  12. Hi all, we do the same thing. We do all the regular activities. Out of room, one on ones ect. Bring in pleasure foods and drinks. Nail care, hand maussages, scents, reading, tapes, mavies ect. Tracy
  13. Ok here is my two cents. I started to have once a month thing for the staff. Last month I made virgin strawberry daquires at the end of shift/beginning of shift. Last month I had bingo for the staff. Three prizes, first game regular bingo then an X and then full card. FOr the full card I gave gift cert $10, the other bingo was large candy bars, bags of candy, water bottles, snacks. I announce the numbers to staff five at a time. I bought the cards at Wal-mart for 3.99. I hand out pens and high lighters. I have had alot of positive feed back form the staff. We also have employee of the month. We give gift cert. and a parkings place and their picture is posted in the lobby on a plac. Hope this helps Tracy
  14. good day to all, I too was shot down. The company I work for wants no roug forms. Let alone more work for others. But I would like a copy of the form anyway. Thanks Tracy mizncg8r@tampabay.rr.com
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