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  1. Hi all, I am in need of some help and clarification. I have been reading the posts about the new guidelines, and I have taken some seminiar classes on them. However, I am still lost. I know that there are some newer things that need to be incorporated in the programs, but I am confused about Care Plans. I am a newly certified CTRS, so I have no consultant at my facility. I rely on others for my information. Other facilities in my are are talking about how they had to go through a whole revamping in their facility. Now that has me concerned, that I am interpreting things the wrong way. I know that the goal has to focus on the resident's outcome, and not just participation. I would really appreciate some examples that you all are using in your facility. I know that the goal "res will attend activities 3x's per week" is not going to fly with the new guidelines. That's fine, I have never used that goal. To me, that is an example of participation. Here are some of the examples that I use currently. 1. problem - Res had decreased lower body strength goal - Res will attend exercise and complete 5 sets of upper body exercises as demonstrated by AA or 2. problem - Res needs to maintain her current cognative functioning goal - res will answer 5 trivia questions at 80% accuracy weekly with minimal verbal clues from AA. These are just 2 examples of goals that I use. Would anyone please share some other examples, and also let me know if what I am doing is correct. I am highly concerned that I doing this wrong. All your help will be very valuable to me. Thank Your
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