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  1. We're going to have something for JuneTeenth at our facility. I set a time at 5:00 for the "JuneTeenth Celebration." At our facility suppertime is 6:00 p.m. I have no clue what to do though! LOL .... I hope to get great ideas here
  2. Fish are always good .... anything from small tanks (about a 10 gallon) to 50 or 100 gallon tanks. Come to think of it, I bet a pond w/ goldfish (they grow to fit their environment) or other fish would be fun. There's a snf in a nearby town that have a huge bird cage (larger than a highboy or hutch) filled with birds ... don't ask me what kind, I only recognize parakeets, and the like. There were no parakeets LOL. But boy, you'd have to have responsible staff to clean & feed regularly. I just remembered, we have a couple of "farm" type animals nearby that are therapy pets. O
  3. Copy and paste this questionnaire so we can get to know each other better and have fun! Activity Director’s Who Are You? 1. Where are you from (City and State) Lamesa, TX 2. What type of Facility do you work in? SNF ~80 beds 3. How many years in the field? a whole UNO! 4. What are your strengths as and Activity Director? I'm creative, have a lot of energy ('til I get home!!), and want my residents to realize THEIR wants and needs are important, and try to teach them to use their voices and not be sheep 5. What are your weaknesses as and Activity Directtor? The time iss
  4. Well, so far no luck with the rules, setup, etc for the Res. Rights Bingo. So .... Guess I'll try to find someone with the game to figure out what's supposed to happen with it. I know there's no way I'll spend that amount to replace it when I have all but one or two components. We're in a teensy town (less than 10,000 population) and the only nursing home. We are also in a very low income area, so we have to be very careful with our spending. On with the search . . . Thanks
  5. I recently inherited a Residents' Rights Bingo game, however there are no rules with it. It doesn't look like it has been used. Does anyone have a copy of the game set-up and rules or can anyone direct me to the original source for the game? Thanks
  6. We'll be inviting the residents to decorate their walkers and w/cs and throw beads in our in-house parade. I'm toying with the idea of inviting the head start and 1st-2nd graders to join us with their "floats" (decorated wagons). I'll have to make this decision like ..... NOW! LOL
  7. I have a couple of suggestions that might help. First, when you post your wall calendar, include the room/area by each activity. That way, if anyone wants to see what's going on, they'll know where to go. Second, I keep a list of attendees for each and every activity. It's very helpful, especially if I don't get my posting done immediately afterward for individual attendees. My form includes the date, time, activity name. It also includes a brief summary of the activity (i.e., Reading Club -- We read 3 chapters of Agatha Christe book <whatever the title of the book is> and discu
  8. My facility is required to have a weekend manager and a holiday manager on duty. It is the manager's responsibility to do the scheduled activities. We are a small SNF facility, so a department head plays the part of manager.
  9. Sara

    Holiday Look

    Love the new look!! These are the colors I painted the majority of my house in see why I love the look?? LOL
  10. I'm still experiencing the holidays for the first time as an AD. When I get to Easter I'll start the "repeats" LOL. I'm learning what works and what doesn't .... and always pay attention to my fellow dept heads when they talk with me about what worked in the past and what bombed.
  11. We have a resident that requires restorative care (LLE strength exercises). Should this be done by the AD or by a CNA? He's no longer on Part B, so doesn't go to PT any more. He's at risk for falls. I do notice that the requirement for him is 3-5x week x 3-6 mo. and that a CNA is doing ROM exercises with him 3x week. Thanks for any input you can give.
  12. Wow -- great article there. Timely too .... our poor pooches have been infested and we're fighting pests tooth and nail! We have a huge flea and tick population due to all those lovely rains (and more coming LOL).
  13. It sounds like you already have some good ideas. Handouts for me are great ... I can add notes and not have to spend my time writing in a frenzy instead of listening to the speaker. Knowing your material, and the way you'll present it, is the most important part .... practice practice practice. Also, be very careful to have inflection in your voice ... monotones put me into a dead zone. Graphics keep interest up and keep attention on you and what you're saying. Basically, I think you have all the basics you need. You don't have to be an entertainer, just be yourself and enjoy yo
  14. The state surveyors left our facility today. Most of the staff was in severe stress due to their existence LOL. I have a different perspective from the others. I'm new, just 4 months, so I feel you can't un-ring a bell so find out what's what then fix it We had only 3 things that may come as 1 or 2 or 3 tags, dependent on the enforcement team. They're all buliding issues, none major, well possibly one semi-major, but all "fixable" for the most part. We had no activity tags nor nursing tags. The inspectors really had to dig to come up with what they found (yippee hehe). On the pl
  15. I'm awaiting my first survey .... I'm also interested in the Activity Log mentioned above. If you have time and the inclination, my email is sara_elaine1955@hotmail.com. Thanks
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