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    As a Rec Director, I wish we had a good computer and internet for my residents-I have a put-together one with printer, but right now, we have people who are not interested. It's hard enough to get them to play the Wii instead of watching one or two do it. Today a man told me to do it instead of him. Anyway, I have said that when I am a resident, I want a laptop (hope I have one by then!), a printer and a good wi-fi connection as well as adequate electrical outlet (can't have an extension cord!). I wouldn't expect a facility to provide me with the hardware/software, but I'd need the hookup
  2. I do hate to toot my own horn, and I already am tired from planning too many parties in Dec and gearing up for Valentine King and Queen, which leads into Easter/St. Patricks, then right into Volunteer and the NNHweek! (I'm not a party person, I'm more into individualized recreation therapy. Last week survey was in and the whole year was pretty shaken up-yes, I got a tag on small groups and 1:1s, which, ironically, is what my preferred calling is, but hard to be everything to everyone. Spending too much time being a gopher and not enough doing these neat programming ideas I have...I hung the
  3. Jess, I think we work for the same company. I do love the I care plans, but you don't have to use only specific interventions/goals. For example, I am new to the facility; goal being will adjust to my surroundings and make friends and find ways to spend my free time; you could use several of the interventions, without just staying within one section. i.e., encourage to sit with others in common area; invite to DR for meals; encourage me to sit in activities and join at my own pace, as well as encourage me to respond verbally to others. You can flip around; they are kinda grouped together
  4. In October I put up a current Resident list and have staff to sign up to adopt. They bring back a wrapped (usually gift bags are best) gift, sometimes they put their name on them, most don't. The Residents don't usually pay attention unless they're really with it. Then, the local Pamida store has an angel tree and we give them about 20 names that are left. They usually buy gifts for those that aren't taken, very nice hometown store. I get them back and sort them out a day or two before the party, like the office isn't a disaster already! But, the night of the party, most residents come out
  5. State surveyors (IN) told me this year after I had finally went with the highlighted calendars that they don't like that at all- because they photocopy the charts and all the highlighter does is show up as a black line that covers up the activity-they can't tell what the activity is, let alone what color the highlighter was. But they were nice about it.
  6. I had a similar program a couple years ago. I ordered b&w pics from one of the suppliers-GaryGrimm or Nasco, don't remember. I called the program StoryPics (not sure if Timeslips would be a copyright problem). I would try to blow up the photo but of course it doesn't do too well, but also used the original 4x6. I would tell them to each take a person in the photo, and invent them. Give them a name, I would ask questions, i.e., single, kids, profession, live in country or city, etc. and they would tell me what they are doing there, i.e., on a train-where are they going, who are they m
  7. The first 4 years I was here, the mail was brought in by A-receptionist, B-business office manager or C-Administrator, in case the others weren't there, and sorted by that person. Only Residents' mail and my own were in my box. When our last BOM was hired last year, that changed. We went without one for a month, and when the new one was hired, she evidently wasn't told about whose responsibility it had been. I continued to get it. She recently lost her receptionist-had complained about her messing things up-so they sent her to me to replace my assistant who quit. This lady is 74 and does
  8. Hi! We did this a couple years ago with a lady who was 110. First, letter from the President-do this in advance, forget if it needed a whole month or what. Because of this lady's age, I made contact with a man who keeps an updated list of national and world supercentenarians (google that and you'll probably find him). We invited mayor of town, all her family, her church (she was from the county next door), and congressmen. Mayor came and spoke, handed out certificate as he proclaimed it her day, nice big cake, flowers, corsage, made sure her hair had been done and she was in nice suit. G
  9. Indiana 5 years in field, Associate Degree Recreational Therapy. 2-1/2 yrs. as assistant, the rest as Director. Started as assistant at 7.25; director at 11.25; now at 11.75.
  10. Oh, Diana, I love that! My Activity Room is the back portion of the DR, and I only recently got back some 4' high portable walls. However, staff usually go through to the back door to smoke on their break. Most of them are considerate and make little disruption, will apologize if they come inside after we have started. But I have one in particular who actually continues to take her trash out (shortest route) this way during activities, take her smoke break, stop and talk to residents each time, and have already told DON, DCE and ADON. No results. One other CNA told me that person said n
  11. I have an Associate Degree in Recreational Management-Therapeutic Option. I never took the 90 hour course for AD in In., so am not certified, but qualified by the state. We now have a Recreational Therapy Consultant, whom I love, and although we know about the F248 changes occurring before the other disciplines do (and therefore are not taken seriously, unless we have a fall/elopement risk/behavior problem and they call me to drop everything to do a 1:1).. Right now, I am called to do what is considered the most important-to be a department manager. That means to help pick up where others l
  12. We have used Light and Lively for the 5 years I've been here, plus I don't know how long before that. I once had gotten an exercise video from the Arthritis Foundation that I thought was going to be perfect, and tried it one day-a lady said she liked Light and Lively better because she knew it. So much for variety!
  13. IND: Just residents vote for council officers. Being an election year, you could make a pretty big deal out of this. Be aware of that "One" person every home has, will want to run, and ours turned out to be a vice president, meaning she gets to feel important without being the top gun. During last election, I handed out copies of a paper for people who wanted to run for office, then those turned in, I typed up ballots to be turned in to me. A few who are alert and oriented but don't like to attend council, did vote, but it's the regulars who come and half of them are the officers, so there
  14. Get some of the Nature print papers (Nasco, but I think S&S may have them, don't remember). Gather leaves, flowers, twigs, and let them arrange them, you put them in the sun for 3 min and bring back their art. Inexpensive plastic frames would be handy to have if they are really pleased with them. They can spend all the time they want arranging them as long as they aren't out in the sun, and again, the process of arranging is a great way to succeed. We have a lady who has a terrific pencil drawing in her room she had done. She will tell you she had done it, too. She enjoys colored pe
  15. Thankx! Will be adding FlyBall to August! We have started Wacky Ball. Original idea sent in was to use pool noodles and a punching bag balloon. I used a beach ball and cut the noodles in half, just seat in a circle and they whack that ball around! Sounds too simple to be fun, but it can really get their arms moving, makes a lot of noise but no one gets hurt, and best of all, the only ball game I don't have to chase the ball, since they can all reach it. Have also used it while seated at tables pre-meal, and just direct the ball around the room, using a noodle myself.
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