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  1. Hey, what is a good time for everyone to meet on the chat board? And I mean to chat professionally. Jess
  2. Sorry, I meant to add that the care plans, excuse me, the new "I" centered care plans [ love that new CP library!], I do are Simple Life Pleasures Preferred Activities Specific problems related to activity adaptation needs. Remember when doing care plans, do not set yourself up for failure. I.E. "Resident will attend 3 group activities a week" Then the resident doesn't do that, so you're left explaining why not. instead "I will attend more group activities as I prefer in the next 90 days. RSD will ensure I aminformed of activity schedule with in-room calendars, announcements, etc.." Anyway, that's what I say. Jess
  3. Good heavens, I'd hope you're involved! It's required! F248 requires very specific issues regarding care plans and you don't want a hit on that.. Don't LET them skip you! PUT yourself in that meeting! Behaviors are often directly related to activity level. Can you say, sundowning? Jess
  4. I have a B.S. degree in Health Promotions and Wellness. I have been an AD for 3 years. Started at $12, now making $15..am satifsfied, but do wish I was allowed to have more training. It's always "no money for that, sorry"...
  5. VIP? Never heard of this! Explain more please..sorry to get sidetracked.
  6. Pennie I find the only differenceis the wording...so many of mine are lower functioning that they are unable to be involved in their care plan. I like the I care plan, but find it annoying that 1 problem is not connected to 1 goal to 1 intervention... the way it is now, you have to scroll through 30-some problems, then 30 some goals then 30 some interventions... JessRSD
  7. Hi! Do you all have I-centered care plan libraries on VistaKeane? What's you opinion of them vs. making them up on your own? ex: instead of "Resident enjoys watching television in the front lobby" "I enjoy watching television in the front lobby." Personally, I find they are helpful, but a bit annoying that 1 problem does match up with 1 goal does not match up with a certain intervention. JessRSD
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