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  1. I was wondering if someone could reccomend a good exercise program for seniors, prefferably on an audio CD as we don't have a tv big enough for all 30 of our clients to see. We have been using "Sittercise and it's great but the clients are getting tired of it. When I was an itern in a LTC facility, they used "Movercise" and that was wonderful but the program is really expensive! Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  2. I'm looking for ideas for Veteran's Day. What are you going to do to celebrate Veteran's day or what are some things you have done in the past? Thanks!
  3. Hi I realize this post is probably too late now that 9/11 is almost over but I have itunes on my computer at home. It is free to download. Then I just burn the song(s) to a CD that I can play at work. ..You just have to have a CD burner on your computer to burn CDs. I think 9/11 is a hard day to observe. You want to honor those who died but you don't want to dwell on it too much and upset your clients.
  4. Hi, In addition to reminiscing about where the clients were on 9/11, we are going to listen to "God Bless the USA" (.99 on itunes) and read the poem, "Where was God on 9/11" I wanted to read inspirational survival stories of 9/11 but hey were harder to find on the internet than I thought
  5. Hi all I need some ideas for Senior Olympic events for next month. Thanks!
  6. I am an AD for an ADC IN the Philly area and I am a CTRS...getting $13.00/hr
  7. These are great ideas, thank you all!!!!!!
  8. Hi everyone I am a relatively new activity director for an assisted living community. My question is that my residents are very...wealthy and extremely intelligent. I have some residents that will go to any activity that is planned and the activities seem to be meeting their needs but most feel that the activities are just "not on their level". These residents just basically want to be entertained and are not the "sit down and make a craft or play ball" type. I need some suggestions because I am having trouble planning the day-to-day activities for next month's calendar. As I mentioned, the
  9. Hi everyone I am Jane. I am the Assistant Recreation Director on 30 bed Dementia Unit. This is my first job since graduating with my degree in TR last August. I am also a CTRS. I will be at this job a year in November '06. I like my job but the field to me is very frustrsting :hammer: and I go back and forth with the idea of going back for a master's in something else, but this is my first job and for right now I am happy to stay at and stick it out. I look forward to talking to all of you and exchanging ideas. :-D
  10. if anyone has any good ideas for women's groups, please share, I am trying to come up with some new ideas! :-D
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