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  1. Hi Everyone, Happy holidays! I am plannng my January Calendar and looking for activities that have worked for you in the past. Specifically I'm interested in something for Chinese New Year (Jan 26th is the first day this year), but other ideas for crafts, etc would be appreciated. Found out it's Elvis Presley's B-day on the 8th so wemay do a dress up day and some karaeoke, with some peanut butter and banana sandwiches. Thank you so much.
  2. Some of my patients will get very excited about sing a long to karaeoke in the afternoons. We have a DVD that will play Karaeoke and the words show up on the screen for patients to read. I have collected about 5 DVDs so far, and our higher functioning patients enjoys picking from them. This can keep them occupied for about 45 minutes. After that it is very hard to engage them in much, especially anything active. They like BINGO and also like listening to musical performance DVDs, expecially classical. Small groups of people will engage in poker for about a half an hour. Patients love the pet therapy that comes from our local animal shelter, but some complain that the bunnies are not interactive. The pet therapy works best for lower functioning. We are an ADHC and after lunch pretty much no matter what we are doing most people are asking to go home. We have a Wii, but no matter how excited I get about enticing them to use it, most people do not like the Wii. I really thought it would work well for afternoons... Phooey!
  3. Hi everyone! I have an atheist patient who was very upset because he does not like our Christmas decorations and Christmas music played in the activities for the past days of December. This patient says it offends him to even look at our nativity set which is up in the activity room (this is shared with a dining room). Another patient pointed out to him that even if Christmas is not part of one's own culture/religion, it is part of our collective American culture, whether you believe in the religious part or not. I will be getting a Menorah and having a celebration for Kwanzaa later in the month. This patient has agreed to help me with the "non-christian holiday celebrations activity" (basically a history reading). I don't expect all the patients to love Christmas, but our whole staff contributed to our decorations, and everyone is very excited about our first Christmas. We are in a small ADHC and the company began with a religious group many years ago. Any suggestions how to see the positive in one patient acting up? It's really not fun to be yelled at after putting so much effort into making the holidays special for our patients. Thanks for your thoughts. P.s. I meant this post to show up in open discussion. Oops! This particular case is more related to mental health. This situation is not AD related. We have a lot of bipolar patients and other mental illnesses. We are just getting new Schizophrenic patients. On another note that is related- Does anyone have care plan resources for Mental Illnesses>? Many of the books I have relate to Dementia. Thanks again.
  4. Thank you Mainemom, We has a training but it was brief, and not what I consider something that made me feel completely comfortable doing the ADL assist they are looking for. I don't know why it sppears places are simply trying to do more with less and seeming to want to maximize what staff they do have to do as much as possible (if not more!). Do you see this as a trend in our industry? I hope not! Well I'd also think that with all the regs we are under that they'd want to cover themselves as much as possible from a potential lawsuit or other dispute if something bad happened. Thanks again for the input. It means so much. I love this board you guys are a HUGE asset. Hugs to you all.
  5. Hi Felicity! Have you taken your state approved activity director training course yet? That would be a great place to start if you have not done so already. Best wishes to you.
  6. Dear Jen your advice is so greatfully appreciated. We are in a new adult day health care type facility. It is surveyed by CMS and OLTC falling under long term care guidelines. Our admin. has assured us that as long as our rehab dept. has trained us on transferring then we should do it..And now that our rehab dept. has shown us, (40 min taining) I still do not feel confident that, like you said, it's in our "scope of practice". Would you please refer me to the survey guidelines referring to scope of practice under Federal Long Term Care survey guidelines? What state are you in? In our state the CNA training is about 4 months and I think these types of things are considered skilled, right? I do agree the patient's safety is our main priority and I don't want to do anything where they could get hurt, or I could hurt myself. Have a spectacular weekend! Thanks again all.
  7. Does anyone currently offer a Secret Santa or Secret Angel where staff can adopt a resident ? I'd like to start it this year.
  8. Thank you for the input! I share your sentiments entirely, just a matter of how to stand up for my department without looking uncooperative to management. Keep in mind that I'm quite a petite lady too & not skilled with total assist. In my case, the question involves a job description I signed nearly a year ago which states "Assist patiets with non-skilled Activities of Daily Living (ADL) as needed". We now have a new supervisor who is saying I have to be willing to fulfill this in any way that a need arises. Mind you, when I signed that I was under a different boss and we agreed that the ADLs were standard ones like grooming and nail care. Now, even if I agreed, I have no idea how I would be expected to simultaneously lead programs and do restroom assistance at the same time. On the other hand, I love my job and do not want them to have a reason to fire me if I refuse. Any suggestions how to gracefully or diplomatically refuse when they are acting like it's standard practice? I have an amazing consultant friend who said she's never heard of an AD doing this, and she is a CTRS who has worked with acts. for 25 years in our area. Thanks all!!!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!
  9. Have a ceremony. Invite the color guard. The veterans love the recognition! Make a patriotic display and put ribbons with all their names on it.
  10. Thank you Mance. Did your company recognize the efforts you made --ie pay raise? I'm feeling underappreciated as it is, and especially so now since they are saying we're "expected" to be avialable to help with toileting if a need arises. Not like I don't have enough to do already. I did not expect it from an AD job. Thanks, all, for listening. Any more input would be GREATLY appreciated.
  11. Hi everyone, When I think of ADL's in relation to activities, personal care is limited to self esteem and pleasurable activities like facials, hairstyling, and some limited grooming like nail care. Please let me know, what ADL's are you responsible for, if any. I am concerned because my work is now saying that I must be able/willing to perform beyond this if need arises. We are in CA..This is not what I thought of when looking for an AD position. I have no skilled traning/clinical background in regards to nsg. or rehab. Thank you in advance!
  12. Hi Everyone, I agree that Activity Therapists is accurate! I love all that was said about the mentality of being the change that you want to see in the world. I would like to continue my education and am interested in becoming nationally certified. I have my state cert. now. It's very challenging to embody a change you are facing many barriers (like a working with other colleagues who do not thoroughly appreciate all that we are doing). I have a degree and am still working as my own assistant due to lack of staffing. When there is so much work to do that you always seem to be behind --thinking about how one person can lead the department, create policies and procedures, follow care plans, reassessments, new assessments, plan meaningful and fun programs etc etc etc and still be expected to lead patients almost continuously all day! We can work to take it one day at a time. Thanks everyone for the kind encouraging words, we surely need to pick up eachother's spirits and empower eachother. You guys are awesome.
  13. Why does the caregiver have any right to complain? Is she incapable of retrieving the 5 books from the resident's room, or irritated by doing so? There is no reason to limit access to books, especially if you have observed indications of enjoyment from patients who are working with the books. 1. If the patients don't see the books out on a shelf they will be less likely to take one and look through it. They will not likely remember to ask you for one. 2. It would be more trouble for the caregiver to have to track you down each time the alert res. wanted the bookshelf area unlocked. 3. locking up books appears to be a punishment, when the books really should be available for all to enjoy. It's rediculous and completely unwarranted to say they should be locked. 4. If the caregiver is not willing to pick up the hoarded books, offer to do it yourself or have a volunteer do it for you. Hope this may help you.
  14. Great set up and very mindful of your clients input. Sometimes our events take longer to organize so I'd like to try it now for December. Lots of holiday happenings will be on the way then. Do you have staff "adopt a client" or be a secret santa for the holidays'? I'm currently looking for a speaker about the history of Hannukah, and something that the clients can make that they can give as gifts. We have lots of crafts but not everyone is into them. Take care & thanks again
  15. Great set up and very mindful of your clients input. Sometimes our events take longer to organize so I'd like to try it now for December. Lots of holiday happenings will be on the way then. Do you have staff "adopt a client" or be a secret santa for the holidays'? I'm currently looking for a speaker about the history of Hannukah, and something that the clients can make that they can give as gifts. We have lots of crafts but not everyone is into them. Take care & thanks again
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