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  1. Could you send me some new ideas also. I am ADC at a very large facility with SNF, Rest Home & Alzheimer's levels of care. Thanks, Gfjones email at gjones 1946@hotmail.com
  2. Debra, i have the same problem. when I asked my DON about this she laughed saying CNA's didn't have time to document their own and hardly consider for my dept. They think things are all up to me!!!!!!!! Help How do I make them understand?????????//
  3. can anyone tell me if there is a certain amount of times current events should be on a calendar.Also exercise!
  4. i have some wood bird feeders that come in a kit from S&S online or order a catalogue. the wood is precut so all you need is some wood glue, sandpaper, paint if desired. everything but the paint comes with the kits. I let them start it on one visit and finish on another visit.
  5. i will calendar swap with you. gjones1946@hotmail.com
  6. could you send me a copy of this form? to gjones1946@hotmail.com-Gail Jones ADC
  7. would you please email me the participation form. to Gjones1946@hotmail.com
  8. i would like to have a policy and procedures also. brewere_@excite.com
  9. I really appreciate your replies to my deliema. I have been giving out mail to my residents in the SNF or RH such as; cards or letters. Out of 121 residents I have 6 that are capable of receiving their bills such as; hospital bills, doctor bills, medicare or medicaid notices that do not contain a check.In 5 years I never had to forward reisdent's bills to their responsible party before, I only gave the cards and letters and read them if they needed me to. I gave bills to alert residents that are their own responsible party. Now I am forwarding the bills also. hope this helps you to understand I don't think this is the way I should spend my day.
  10. :-) i work in N.C. as an AD for LTC facility with one assistant. I make $10:33 an hour and have to work very hard, no overtime allowed and the assistant can only make 30 hours each week. She does most of the activities as a group but i have just started having a low functioning group activity that has gone really well. sometimes i let them use band instruments and sometimes we just have realaxation with a puppy relax video and hand massages. I also do all MDS's and care plans, even room visits. Let me know what you think about the low functioning group please. I have lots of other ideas also if anyone is interested. email me at brewere_@excite.com
  11. :-( I have been an activity director in ltc for 5 years and now that we have a new business office manager i am having to forward tons of mail no time for anything else it seems. please reply this is really stressing me.
  12. I saw this in the creative forcaster and tried it this month. It turned out great. It is used like the show that used to come on t.v. I read the resident's early life then said ________ this is your life. Everyone had a great time. I had collected lots of pictures from family members of the resident of course only with the resident's permission and had them on a velvet easel board. Two of her kids sang a couple of songs, then we had refreshments. I plan to do this every other month.
  13. I am an AD at an LTC facility and I have to be there because everyone on the care plan team has imput for each resident. That imput is very important for the care plan because I might see something during an activity or one that my assistant does that the social worker needs to know or the nursing staff. I too would never sign a care plan that I personally didn't write.
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