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  1. Hi I'm from Canada and we are commemorating Remembrance Day this Friday as well. While certain traditions may vary our aim with paying tribute to veterans through the war years is of course the same! We are having a service at 11:00 a.m. directed by a veteran with a branch of the Royal Canadian Legion, a beaver leader is coming during the ceremony as well to present crests that her troop made to give to veterans. In the afternoon I have a booked a veteran who plays the bagpipes to play. Another nice touch you can offer the residents to include everyone is make an announcement that
  2. This is a really interesting topic - obviously not the hardship that your patients/residents are facing (i.e. this 18 yr old girl) but rather the idea that the future of retirement clientele will be taking a dramatic turn in the next 10-15 years. Residents of the baby boom generation will not want to play shuffleboard or listen to Frank Sinatra, or watch Charlie Chaplin movies! So the question is posed to all of us I think, how can we be ready, how can we be visionaries and anticipate the activity needs of a whole new retired generation? It would be interesting to tap into our thoug
  3. Just a quick add on - we did a luau day and instead of our regular morning bowling that day I bought a real coconut and we bowled with that! It was unique and fun, and helped to extend the theme throughout the day...
  4. Hi Everyone, I am hoping to have a theme day in July that centers around the idea of tropical/beach/Calypso etc. and other than booking special entertainment I wondered if you had some great ideas to share? Anything creative in terms of decorating, or how to engage the residents (accessories, costumes, etc.) as well as games to run? Thanks in advance for your help!
  5. Does anyone know if this Montessori approach to Alzheimer's/Dementia recreation has anything on gardening? We have some great raised gardens to plant shortly and any way we can have the assisted residents contribute in an easy way would be wonderful!
  6. Tiff, your orientation and training model for volunteers sounds excellent. I especially like the idea of providing a certificate/gift upon completion of the extensive training. If you are having a hard time retaining volunteers I think it is a good idea to ask each volunteer for their reasons for leaving. This way, we can have feedback to know if they weren't happy at the facility, and if there is something more we can be doing. I also work with college students that work here on placements and I have signed something called a 'learning contract' with them. This outlines expect
  7. I find it difficult to provide support for bed-bound residents. Our policy is that no students or volunteers can be in a resident's room unattended so it is very difficult to do anything other than one-on-one's done by myself. I'm actually excited now doing the participation charting after reading about a new format right here on this site. I use my calendar and highlighting system, and it is so easy, and tells more about how a resident spends their day!
  8. RebeccaM

    Pet Visits

    I from Canada so I'm not sure if you have a chapter of this organization but what about St. John's Ambulance Therapy Dogs? They have a special section of their services that help train owner and dog to come into hospitals and seniors' homes etc. If you call they will place a dog with your facility. If this is not an organization in the States I am pretty sure they must have one that is very similar!
  9. Hi Everyone! I was hoping to plan a French culture theme day for May - I've got the title: 'Chez Paris' and need a few ideas to complete the day. Does anyone have any creative ways to decorate a facility for this day? Or any activities that I can run that would celebrate French life? Thanks in advance for your help:) Rebecca
  10. Hi Seags, This is a new idea for me. Just wondering how you have undertaken something like that? It sounds like a great idea! Thanks:)
  11. This sounds tough for you! At my retirement facility you don't mess with exercise! It is the most popular program of them all. I run an early morning exercise 2X weekly and 3X weekly we have a physiotherapist take them through a regime. I wish I could have the turn out that our physiotherapist has. Our residents will miss special outings and events because they really want to be at exercise. I find afternoons aren't great if you are looking to reach as many people as possible. Can you do an exercise session before they head out to day trips? Perhaps you could schedule a
  12. Hi! If you have any library book deliveries on a regular basis ( we have books delivered to our facility every 6 weeks) you could have a resident assigned to go room to room ( or only to residents who enjoy reading) with a book cart? Or a resident could be assigned to help welcome new residents, and introduce them around. Hope this helps:)
  13. This sounds like it could be a really great idea for lots of us! I'm afraid I don't have any suggestions to add right now, but I'll be interested to see how it unfolds.
  14. Hi Everyone! I have been referencing this site for awhile and have now become a member. I am an AD in Toronto, Canada and want to revamp our volunteer program to make it a fully incorporated part of our residence. I am hoping you could help me brainstorm in creating some important roles for volunteers to play here. One idea I have to give you an example, is for volunteers to act as "welcome ambassadors" to new residents. It is a way of giving new residents added support in getting to know people, the activities, and to feel more at home. Any idea would be great - can be comple
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