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  1. The best thing about a memory box is that it makes that resident a real person to the caregivers. I collect miniatures at yard sales and things that they may have used for hobbies. For one lady I used a divided box and in one section created a scene from the restaurant that she owned. Complete with her steak dinner that she missed so much, cut out of paper. Another lady was so proud of a pair of glass dutch shoes that her daddy gave her and we were afraid they were going to get broken or lost. We had to track them down several times. When we put them in a memory box then she had them on display all the time and could show them to people. loved that website with the how to instructions. Thanx. Our facility used to make shadow boxes after people died. They are way more effective while the person is living. It gives care givers and guests something to talk about with the resident.
  2. The most important missing element is volunteers. Check with your local volunteer groups like RSVP or volunteer connection. Go to the local churches and ask. I know it is hard when you are in the thick of things, but time spent searching for volunteers is definitely time well spent. Our local high school requires 40 hours of volunteer work in order for students to graduate. Good luck! Sounds like you have your job cut out for you.
  3. We have several residents that would benefit from having a regular job. Any ideas for other jobs would be appreciated. Our facility is resident centered care. We allow them to choose for themselves to work. We have a lower functioning resident that passes out clothing protectors before meals. Another would love to help, but doesn't want to take over. Need a job specifically for a woman who is legally blind, but gets around well. One makes beds in the Alzheimers unit, we then have to re-make them of course. She loves to work though and sweeps the kitchen and the patio.
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