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  1. We do not teach classes but I often find one or two residents teaching another. This encourages peer interaction. You can contact your local Collage and see if someone taking a class will teach for free perhaps the teacher will offer extra credit to the student who will do so.
  2. True Activity Therapists is accurate but at the same time it still says Activity- in many peoples minds this refers to play and will not make any difference to most of our peers on how they view us. I would like to suggest Quality of Life Director. I feel this is what we are responsible for managing, documenting and monitoring for our residents. Some are unable to perceive the awesome responsibility this is when they think we are just a playmate to the sick or elderly. It is our job as professionals to educate our peers and get them involved in our programing.
  3. Ideas- for Activity Policies & Procedures: Stylist Orientation, Beauty Salon, Invoices, Resident Rights, Effective Communication, Permission Slips, Birthday Cards, Incident/ Occurrence Reports, Bus Trips, Volunteer Orientation, Programs (times, amount, hours open, evenings, holidays and weekends coverage), Care Plans Hope this will help!
  4. Working in LTC is great and yes there will be much to learn. If you are the AD at your facility you will learn how to do MDS for Act. but if you are not ask the AD to show you how they are done. I am sure they would not mind. I have work from answering the phones to admissions to AD its lots of fun and a liitle crazy. Wish you the best.
  5. Each day I give a gift to my team. We also have crab cakes for lunch (they love them) and hang the posters from PP. Any additional things given by other departments are nice but not not often given. I think this year I will add some posters using some of the ideas I have read off of this page. Some of the posts have been heart warming, thank you. We will also have a happy hour off the clock of course. I also plan on getting a new wii game for our residents from our staff to thank them for the joy they bring us. Recreation Director Preserve me from the Recreation Director , God, She me
  6. werneket


    Our residents love the Family Fued TV game. Even residents with lower cog. can answer some of the questions. Its lots of fun for staff and residents. We bowl alot on the Wii most of our dementia residents we push up to play and have them put there arm on ours to play so they feel like they are still doing with the rest.
  7. I like this idea. We don't really have small groups often but this will be a great addition to Mothers Day or our Red Hats. Thanks this is something I can work with.
  8. Hello, I got this from a class I went to. Know your tags. Resident interview -ask Questions this gives you an idea of what the residents will say ask: what does the facility provide?, do you participate in the activities you want to? if not , why?, Are you informed and offered assistance to activities as needed? Review resident rights in your R/C meetings. Recreation Staff Interview: What is the residents program of activities and their related goals? What assistance/adaptations do you provide as part of the residents care plan? How regularly does the resident participate? Citation Tr
  9. Hello, I'm Tammy Werneke from Glen Burnie, MD I have been an Activity Director for less than a year in LTC. Funny thing: I started out in early childhood development. I find that I do just about the same thing. With out the ABC's and 123s. I love the residents. The old ,sick, crazy, and all three put together. Each day is a new start. I believe we are all people and need to be loved and cared about. I love to sing and dance, go to church, spend time with my family, ride in the country, play cards with my in-laws, do arts and crafts of all kinds, learn new things, and hold babies. Oh an
  10. Briggs forms are pretty good and approved by most companys. I made my own 1 to 1 form for my staff to use as well as other forms so that I would have better documentation. If you would like any of my forms e-mail me your fax# at werneket@futurecarehealth.com
  11. We have a big party! Invite families, staff and children of both. Haunted House , candy at the nurses stations, games and yes even bobbing for apples (in foil pans), pumpkin decorating contest, and lots of creepy food.
  12. DawnontheHorizon.com She will travel, phone and fax She has been my saving grace!
  13. I have never heard of any such thing. I can honestly say I love to use crayons myself and have had many residents that rather use them. Also it seems to help residents with a tremors, the wax goes smooth where a color pencil looks a mess. Plus the large ones are easy to grip. Best rule is give choices.
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