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  1. joan Mitchell I work for a private facility in Houston Texas for the last year and i am still learning about proper documentation for private facilities
  2. Joan Banks the in room visit for me i use a chart with games and snack music and cd's , i try to find games that they like to play and go in a play those games serve a snack. i
  3. have you tried the activity network course? on activitydirector.org? I did and I loved it .. joan bank
  4. i know my resident , they are the people whom i work for to better improve the quality of life for them
  5. you can remove the resident from the group so that others will not become upset. forthe hitting i often times keep an object of some type in the residents hand to keep to busy with that
  6. I would use a lot of sensory activities, I would also use music with ear phone for the vibration of the sounds, hand massages, the touch of sand, rocks, ice .
  7. grooming is very important to my residents so i make sure that all the residents go to the beauty shop and keep their nails up , cut and clean
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