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  1. Linda, 125 volunteers? Boy are you lucky to have that many. How did you recruit all of them? Barbara
  2. Does anyone know of an activitydirectors group in the Souteast Florida are to join?
  3. We had our volunteer appreciation luncheon today. Each volunteer got a certificate of appreciation, a goodie bag with a key chain with a message I attached that said "you are the key to our success", a bath mitt that said "Thanks for lending a helping hand" and a flashlight/radio. We had sandwiches donated by Subway and carnations donated by a florist. Our clients made cheesecake cupcakes for dessert. They all had a :-) time.
  4. Hi,is there anyone reading this who is an AD at an Adult day center for alzheimer's/dementia? I am trying to start up a new program for or clients with early stage dementia and alz. I am looking for information and activities that are different from the ordinary to do with them. All help would be appreciated. I already use a montessori program for my middle/late stages. :hammer: THANKS, Flgirl
  5. :hammer: HAPPY BIRTHDAY PENNIE!!! THE SITE IS THE BEST.Thank you. Barbara
  6. Hi Alan, Good Luck with your survey. I have a lot of experience with Alz.and dementia. The surveyors will be looking for small groups. If they are all in a big group circle sleeping, that will be bad. You may want to use a higher functioning resident to help you lead a group if you don't have enough staff. Sing a longs and giving the residents instruments to play so all can be involved is nice for them to see. Get a punch ball balloon and toss it around for them to do exercise.Its great for getting all involved.Make sure your activity calendar addresses the later stages and says sensory in i
  7. LindyinPA, Good Luck in your new job! Flgirl
  8. Hi Leslye, I use the Montessori program at the Alzheimer's day center I work at. It really does work. Have you read Dr. Cameron's book on Montessori? You can put together a nice inservice for your staff from its material or just do an activity with them so they can model it and get an "alzheimer's perspective". I would be happy to share information with you. You can email me. Good Luck. Barbara
  9. Yes, you should be concerned. What she has aked you to do is illegal and unethical. Resident couuncil minutes are supposed to state the exact concerns of the residents so that hey can have quality of life and a nice environment for them to live in. There is also a follow up form that gets sent to the dept. heads that the concern has been noted and he /she is supposed to write how the problem was resolved. Try inviting the Dept. heads or nurses to the meeting and get their imput. Good Luck. If the Ombudsman ever found out about what yor admin. is doing she could be fined.
  10. Ruthann, I get $34,500 as an Activity Director in an Alzheimer's /Dementia Adult Day Center in South FL. (Which by the way has not been opened since hurricane Frances because we 've had no electricity for 6days :cry: ) Barbara
  11. Welcome anniejrc, This is a great site for sharing ideas.I am the activities director of an adult day center for folks with dementia and alzheimers. I work in Palm Beach County FL. Where do you work? I am looking forward to sharing ideas with you. Barbara
  12. We are using "grandparents day" as the theme for the september bulletin board. All of my clients( I work in a day care for aLzheimer and dementia) families are bringing in photographs of their great and grandchildren to display on the board. It is a great conversation starter and they all enjoy looking at the children.
  13. Pat, that was a good website.It had some good things to do with the group. Barara
  14. Hi all, Does anyone know of any websites with "good news" to talk to seniors about? I do current events everyday at the day center I work in. We read the newspaper, but needless to say it is usually not good news and being that they have dementia I need to be cautious about what I read to them. I try to find good things that are happening, we've been talking about the elections and of course we do Dear Abbey. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  15. Great site, Diana. Thanks. I am going to use it for a 1:1 project. Barbara
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