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  1. I am trying not to freak out! But let me air my concerns...... I spent a few weeks discussing my new opening for Activity Assistant in my building with a lady I knew. I hired her, it took her another week to actually get to work. Then after the first day, she had to take the next two days off (her sons were sick). Then, by her 3rd day of work, she said that she no longer could work at our facility. Valentine's Day was her 4th and last day at work. I have waited YEARS to be allowed to have an assistant and it ended up being a bad hire. I am just frustrated!!!!!! And I have been trying to get hold of another lady who was a good option, but she won't return my phone calls! I am so overwhelmed!!!!!!!!! Diana
  2. I wish I could understand your facility arrangement better. As nice as it would be to have a "party for all," perhaps one solution would be to have smaller, more intimate socials with those involved. Delegate your staff to help out in the appropriate places, so that your parties/socials can happen on the same day. How blessed you are that you have so much help! Diana
  3. I know just where you are coming from! My first job as an AD - the "Bad Day" lasted a good 9 months, till we moved to a different town - come to find out it really was just the facility! Hang in there - we'll be praying for you! Till you get the hang of the job and get a little heartfelt training, have patience and carry a box of Kleenex - it'll help instead of the paper towels!
  4. Hi Tinki I am planning on being there! So far the plan is to arrive Sunday night! Hope to meet you there! Diana, San Antonio
  5. HMMMM, been thinking of this since you posted and it's such a toss up! Did the person have behaviors before? Prone to violence? Previous murderer? Insane but never diagnosed? Had roommate problems and they were never addressed? The fact that she/he tried to cover up indicates a sense of right and wrong. I certainly wouldn't want to be on the jury if it ever goes to court - wonder what probable cause would be. Just because the person is a nursing home resident does not automatically exclude them from the consequences of murder, especially if premeditated and planned. Keep us posted about the issue - very interesting! Diana
  6. "browse through the times" "morning outlook" "coupon specials" or "prices - then and now" just a few diana
  7. I know what you are going through. All I could come up with was volunteers or family members to assist. Or, have one department a day work the cookies - all to benefit resident council. yes, you may have to prove to your boss through action (manning the cookies 5 days a week) that it is unrealistic, but that is part of our jobs. Good luck! Diana
  8. I was so fortunate that I had someone create a calendar off of Microsoft Excel for me 6 years ago and I have been using it ever since! Diana
  9. I actually just typed up and passed out a little one page questionaire to my staff inquiring what they believe they do activitywise with the residents on any given day. I am still waiting to hear their response. Then I am planning on leading the facilitywide inservice on payday, touching on the new regs and implementing specific activity carts for each of my 4 units - so that it is fully accessible for all staff when I am not available. I hope this helps! Getting staff aware of the fact that State will ask them what THEY do to help will be so important! One of my questions specifically asked if a member of the floor staff had in the past 3 months provided an activity to a resident who had a recent behavior (needing redirection), stated they were "bored," or were up late at night (unable to sleep). And then I asked what it was that they provided. Realizing they cannot rely on the activity director to be everything to everyone will be so important!!! Diana OH, for ACTPRO, I am at Memorial Medical Nursing Center in San Antonio - been here for 5 years and still feel like I don't do enough!
  10. ACTPRO, where in Texas are you? I am in SAn Antonio - just wanted to touch base with you more on their visit! Diana
  11. It depends on my week. I usually do the MDS then my progress note, but if it is busy, then I just do the MDS and write my progress note during Care Plans. If it is a PPS assessment, then I usually need my progress note for verification of the information submitted.
  12. the website is donotcall.gov you have to call from the phone number you are wanting to block. the website is also the site if you want to complain about a company that was still able to call through after putting your number on the Do Not Call list.
  13. I know what you are saying about being in the place that God wants you right now! I still feel like right now, God needs me here, but my daughter is 2 years old now and I want to be able to be there for her on vacations and holidays, and teaching is the way to go. So I have roughly 2-3 years to plan my next stage of life. My current boss is all for me furthering my education and if it leads me to teaching, he is okay with that! As long as I don't go to another Nursing HOme! Diana
  14. Just to throw this out there - if you had a choice of what else you would be if you weren't an activity director at this point in your life, what career choice would you go with? I have been thinking about teaching, but have been doing this for a long time - transition would be hard!
  15. I go by Life Enrichment Coordinator as well. I still fall into the trap of saying Activity Director when I get funny looks from people about what LEC means! Then it is almost as though a lightbulb goes on in their heads about LEC and they usually shake their head and agree with the title. LEC says so much more about what we do! WE aren't just entertaining, but Enriching!
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