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  1. Ellen Bremenstul, M.ed, ACC has been approved by NCCAP to teach the first MEPAP1 certification course through an online module. I am finishing the class now and it's great. She is actually in the process of moving to D.C. and will most likely start a new course in a couple of months. Her email address is: ellenbremenstul@att.net
  2. We just finished our volunteer appreciation program and it was a huge success so I thought I would share it with yall. We invited the volunteers to a snowball party on the front porch. The residents decorated terracotta pots with ribbon, seashells, and paint. They inserted a package of thier favoriate flower seeds and made a card that said Thanks, you help us plant the seeds to success. One resident wrote a poem that she read and we played a fun trivia game. It was a blast. Any ideas for next year?
  3. Thanks for the great suggestions i will email Donna right now. The NOLA is for new Orleans so Kimmyh if you are interested send me an email. Thanks everyone. i think this is a great website.
  4. Hi, i am interested in starting a local organization for the activity professionals in my area. Any ideas how i should start?
  5. Hi, We usually get a lot of highschool volunteers this time of year. i like to have them push a cart with popcorn and coke, or coffee room to room and do 1:1. I find the residents and volunteers get a lot out of it. hope this idea helps. Elle
  6. Hi, i am new to this message board and already posted this request but not sure if I posted it in the correct place. Anyway, I am finishing up my MEPAP1 and one assignment is to gather some newsletters from other facilities. Please send your newlsletters to me! Poydras Home Attn: Claire Hodgeson, AD 5354 Magazine st New orleans, LA 70115 Thanks Claire
  7. Hi, I am finish up the MEPAP 1 and one assignmnet is to get at least 3 newsletters from other facilities. If you could please send me a copy of your to The Poydras Home Attn: Claire Hodgeson, AD 5354 magazine St New orleans, LA 70115 Thanks Elle
  8. Hi, I have just received a promotion to Activity Director of my facility. I need to present my desired salary and was hoping to get some input. I live in the south and have a B.S. degree in psychology, I am NCCAP certified and working towards my masters in geriatric health promotion. Looking for so comparables if you don't mind. Thanks, Elle
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