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  1. Hi! Help me out here, please! I was under the impression that attendance records HAD to go in charts. I keep 3 months worth in a binder that we document in. Then place all the past ones in resident charts. Surveyors have always asked to see my attendance binder. What is the difference where those records are? If I file them separately, or not in res' charts, they still want to see them. If I can avoid problems with this, let me know! THanks!
  2. Wouldn't infection control pertain to any sort of Reminisce basket, cart, whatever?? They all go from room to room with several handling those items. Washing the residents hands before contact should work!
  3. Help! What are you all doing to celebrate Older Americans Month? My ED just told me about it (today) and wants month long activities to celebrate. I can't find much info on the net....need ideas please!! Thanks in advance for anything brilliant you all come up with!
  4. Ok you guys...you have inspired me to look deep within myself and decidemy Activity Department could use some sprucing up! We DO need change...doing the samr thing month after month. Braydon...you have taken the bull by the horns! Count me in! I will be sending you my e-address. Laree
  5. Laree

    Job Offer

    DON'T DO IT!!! You talked yourself out of it in your message...I hope! Wait until the right thing comes along! Good luck, Laree
  6. I would like to incorporate some "Fun Days", activities to get employees more involved with work & FUN! My AL residents would also probably be a part of this. What do any of you do promote FUN and Team building within your facility? Thanks!
  7. Linda..Thank you for your response to my dilemma. Fortunately, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Our Ed just hired an SSD who will start in 2 weeks. The paperwork has just about done me in! I will be doing 2 calendars for the first time this month...one for skilled and one for AL. Hope we can keep up. I need to boost our volunteer base Will be working on that ASAP! Thanks again for your advice & insight. It's amazing what an encouraging word can do! Thank you!!
  8. Hi guys...I am the Activity Director in a facility that was all Assisted living up until 2 months ago at which time we became certified for skilled nursing. We are fairly small, census now is 45 with 28 of those being assisted. When we are full. census will be 90. I am finding it difficult to prgram for 2 very different areas. I have been using one activity calendar for both units and filling in on skilled with small group programming and 1:1's. But, there are only 2 of us in activities and trying to cover both units with meaningful activities is getting difficult. A few of the skilled people can participate in the activities on the assisted side. Most of the otheres rarely leave their rooms. Should I be doing 2 separate calendars? I am also helping out with Social Service as we are currently without a Director (and I have completed the SS Designee course) so MOST of time is spent keeping up with assessments, MDS's and progress notes. (This was supposed to be temporary but it has been going on for 2 months!) My assistant is the one who is trying to cover all these activities on both sides. I just feel our program is lacking and I hope to get some good ideas from all of you! Thanks!
  9. Ladies....are we all just sressed out totally or what??? I am reading this stuff and yes, OMG, I feel the same way. Never enough time, brain dead, hours too long, trying to new and fresh and creative month after month! Can it REALLY be time to plan that October calendar...or get it printed?? But I think I am luck because my residents are all so appreciative. They thank me my assistant profusely for what we do. They worry about our health and our hours. THEY tell us that we have worked enough...go home! I am 4 months into my AD position and took at least 3 months for them to accept me. It's all coming together now...they hated my new ideas at first! They are AL and very independent. It's hard to find things to make them want to come to activities when they still drive and can go wherever. But they are coming around now and try to help US as much as they can! We had a great activity today! You write a letter to someone as if you are a new resident but leave out nouns, adjectives, names of foods, etc. Have the residents fill in the blanks only by asking for a noun, a verb, etc. You fill in the blanks, the residents have NO IDEA what they are doing until the end when you read back the letter! It is hilarious! My residents laughed so hard they nearly fell out of their chairs. And you know, that makes all the rest of the stuff worthwhile. You get those smiles, those hugs and thank you's and you are hooked. No matter that I got off at 5:00 and have been doing work at home tonight ever since. We all get frustrated by we are doing so much good! Don't lose sight of that! Just hang in there and it will all come together! Laree )This is THE best site!)
  10. What kind of great October/hallowwen activities do you all have planned?? Looking for some new ideas! Thanks!
  11. In the facilities I have worked in, there is a Discharge Planning Form. Basically, all you should have to do is write in the resident's potential for performing activites of interest upon DC. The form actually says good, fair, poor. Hope this helps and I hope your facility uses this form! LOL!
  12. Just want to thank you all for great ideas! This is a wonderful group!
  13. Does anyone have any GREAT ideas for September Calendar decorating? We have a large activity calendar posted (35 x 42) and it fits exactly in a wooden frame. Our corporate people say they want too see more 3-D style decorating in use. I can't put much on the calendar area itself or it will cover the calendar. I can't make holes of any kind in the wooden frame. And DEFINITELY (this is corporate policy!) no tape, push-pins or holes in the walls. What's left?? For August I used a spray of very real-looking sunflowers in a corner with vines trailing across the top and down one side. This is what they said was not enough. I am at a loss! Help!
  14. Hi! Our facility is having a Friday the 13th party (Freaky Friday) and so far, all we have planned is to talk about different superstitions and Indiana urban legends. Does nayone have an idea about how to make this more exciting??? So far, it seems a little boring but it does have alot of possibilities! Thanks in advance...you guys always come thru!!
  15. Laree


    What a neat idea! I would like more info myself. The website really only gives info regarding training. Maybe just a creative writing website would give us the info without having to learn to be a facillitator. But it sounds great for dementia residents!
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