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  1. Hi Everyone. I've been gone for a bit. But I'm back now, ready to start throwing out new activities. I just did one today after lunch that struck me earlier in the day. I got it together in a hurry, but it worked great! I called it ART HISTORY hour. I printed out pictures and stories about certain artists ( I happened to pick Michelangelo, Leonardo, and Botticelli). I taped the pictures to a white board, with the names of the paintings under them, and each artist had their own section. We talked about each artist individually, and then a little at the end on the history of the Louvre. I was so suprised by the crowd, and how intently they were listening. I used a pointer, talked loud, was very animated, made some jokes, and I got applause after it was all said and done. This may have been done before yes, but it was made enjoyable. And from what I've seen of other AD's in the area, no one takes the time to stimulate their mind's in that way. Bingo anyone?... Anyways, the AD Brigade is going to be all about technique's like this.... AD BRIGADE!!!! To Join email me at ADBrigade@hotmail.com
  2. NO more Brigader's out there huh? ......
  3. Thanks! Time to start ordering I guess!
  4. I guess I did state my case wrong earlier. She does offer me them, but most times I have my own. I rarely take them from her, only if she insists..... and yes it is amazing bonding time.... she thouroughly enjoys it.
  5. WOO HOO HOO! Things are heating up in the Brigade. We've had 4 people join since I first posted, which is very nice! Things are starting to roll nicely! I again encourage more people to join! See ya out there! I'd like to welcome Heather, Crystal, Diana, and Angie to the Brigade!
  6. I have seen the Nasco catalog talked about a few times within the posts before, and I finally got my 2005 Nasco Catalog. It's looks like they have some really amazing stuff. I was just wondering how they are on value, and timelyness of getting the product. And if there are any other catalog's you professional's use....THANKS!
  7. Thanks so much! If thursdays work, then great! Maybe in a week or so we can start making it a regular thing!
  8. I was thinking of starting up the "Live" weekly chat again, because I dont think it's happening anymore, and I think it's such a great idea. I was just wondering how many people would be interested, and what day of the week most of you would want to do it on. I'm fine with wednesdays still, around 6 - 6:30 pacific standard time. Let me know!
  9. I have just recently started in this field, but having watched it for a bit before I came in, and talking to the old AD, it seems to me, that the problem is not that unusual. Maybe count it under volunteer activity? And if you are aware it happens regularly, talk to that person, let them know they would be doing you and the patient a great favor, and kind of delegate their visits, so that you can count it! Every little bit helps right? P.S. Welcome to the AD Brigade!
  10. Thanks so much for the response! I'm getting more and more inspired by you guys by the day! I love the replies! Definitely keep them coming, but remember to check my original post ( above ), and if you want to join, email me at ADBrigade@hotmail.com!
  11. Thanks for the helpful idea's. I will imediately start putting them to use. I think the hardest part of starting for me will be having a regular volunteer program. SO THANKS!
  12. Having just started in this position, I was wondering if anyone has any generalized letter's they send out, when they want the community to volunteer. Say for instance a letter sent to all the school's in the area, telling them about what you do, and what you need. Any idea's would be GGRREEAAATTT!!!! Braydon AD Brigade
  13. THANKS! PENNIE! I know how much experience you have in this business, so anything you say is always going to be encouraging to me! P.S. Just to further clarify, The ADBrigade is in NO way suppose to take away from the impact and brilliance of this site. I just want to form a group within it's members of people that are beyond dedicated to this job. Let's get some emails rollin! I don't want to be the only member of the BRIGADE! hehehe :hammer:
  14. I love the look of your cart! Very eye catching. I'm going to be putting together one soon, and I was wondering if you could give me a list of supplies that you have in the carts! THANKS!
  15. Kathy thanks for the website. I liked that newsletter. Mine is only a front and back page, and when I saw your I saw a lot of good expansion Idea's. Thanks!
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