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  1. Hi Tracy! I agree with Sara. Also you can give your Acministrator (and the office) a copy of your monthly activities calendar . Whenever possible, involve them in your group activities such as parties and special events. Your census is extremely low which accounts for the lack of noise. Is the administration office near the activity area? If not, you need to get the residents as close as possible. Administration and visitors will notice if they can see and hear the activities going on. If the Administrator still dosen't notice, turn up the heat...squeak the wheel...invite him to ever
  2. lllucas

    Holiday Look

    Hi, Karen! What a wonderful looking site. The holiday colors are terrific! Will you continue to do this for each season? I truly appreciate Activity Director Network. Best Wishes, Linda
  3. This is a list of Christmas gifts for Alzheimer's/Dementia residents. You will find that many of these gifts are also excellent for the entire population of your facility. Go to: http://www.theactivitydirectorsoffice.com/...iaGiftIdeas.pdf Hope this helps you.
  4. Hi, Everybody! :-) RE: Making 11x17 (tabloid size) calendars. Most copiers will allow you to run this size paper. Often you must hand feed it into the copier. If you are lucky your copier will have a feed tray. Tabloid size paper is available at Office Max and Staples, and comes in a variety of colors. Also, it is easy to enlarge your calendar from 8 1/2 x 11 to 11 x 17 by choosing a setting on the copier. Best Wishes, ;-) Linda Lucas, AD http://www.theactivitydirectorsoffice.com
  5. lllucas

    What to wear

    Hi, Bonnie! :-) I'm like everyone else. I think it is a good idea to judge the general atmosphere of the facility (formal, casual, etc.). Then you can make your choice of dress. However, you also need to understand the kind of work you must do every day. If you are a department of one and must conduct all of the activities, you need to dress appropriately (usually not a dress). I do a lot of bending over, stretching high, stooping...and trying to modestly deal with a skirt is just impossible. So keep it real when you decide what to wear. My general attire is slacks, a shell, a s
  6. Hi, Jacks! :-) BOYS' NIGHT OUT: Ideas for Men's Activities The male resident or client can sometimes pose a special challenge to the activity professional in terms of developing programs of interest and motivation to attend programs. Male residents in long term care communities are in the minority and in most cases, their needs and interests are different than the masses of female residents who reside in the facility. The activity professional and program should reflect some effort to address these needs through tailored and group programming. To first understand the
  7. Hi, pvmpenny! :-) I'm really happy to here that your residents have computers. It is important for facilities to begin to add computers for resident use. The census in many places is beginning to realize more and more people with computer interests and skills. This will only increase as the years pass. The old proverb is "You can't teach and old dog new tricks." But that just isn't true. We have a computer for the residents in our facility (we need a lot more). It is wonderful to see them playing card games and board games. That's also a great way to improve their fine motor s
  8. Until this last year the lift-bus was driven by anyone who was directed to do so or wanted to do so (i.e. staff, volunteers, family members). It is large but not so large anyone needs a special license. :-( Now it is only driven by assigned staff members. I think it all comes down to insurance. Believe me, that makes it difficult for evening outings when only a couple of residents go somewhere. :hammer: Adapt and overcome.... ;-)
  9. Hi, Friends! :-) A very successful event for us has been a Ladies Tea Club which is hosted in a different resident's room each month. Invitations are sent and the ladies wear hats (not necessarily red hats). This works well for a very small group. For a larger group I recommend that you meet in the activity room or dining room. Serve favorite drinks and lady-like snacks. Don't forget the flowers. Sincerely,
  10. Hi, Everybody! :-) I just received this e-mail and decided to pass it on to you. This reminds me of the old Art Linkletter show, Kid's Say the Darnedest Things." I'm sure you will want to share it with your family, friends and residents. ;-) Subject: Proverbs A first grade school teacher in Virginia had twenty-five students in her class. She presented each child in her classroom the first half of a well known proverb and asked them to come up with the remainder of the proverb. It's hard to believe these were actually done by first graders. Their insight may surprise
  11. lllucas


    Hi, Dixie B! :-) Welcome to a great profession and a great AD message board. We will be glad to help you in any way we can...just let us know your questions. There are many websites on the net that can help you out with ideas. Some sites are pay sites, but many are free. Check out the Web Links page listed on the left hand side of this page. You will find a lot of help here. Of course, I would be remiss if I didn't invite you to visit my site, The Activity Director's Office, and download our free e-magazine, Activity Director Monthly. Many activity professionals from across t
  12. Hi, Everybody! :-) Here's a one-on-one activity that works well for me. I have a local elementary shcool that has a special reading program established for its students (grades 1-6). Those who meet the schools requirements are allowed to join a group called Kids Kare. Kids Kare is a joint volunteer coordination between the shcool and the nursing home. The children's reward is the privilege to come to the nursing home and read to the residents in the resident's room...one-on-one. We have the children in once per month during the school year. The children love it and so do the residen
  13. Hi, Mary! :-) Volunteers can really help make your job easier...but you have to grow them. Make sure you are taking care of the volunteers you have by awarding them certificates, praising them in newspapers and the facility newsletter, patting them on the back...treat them as though they were made of gold...they are! :pint: When your religious groups are there, try to encourage some of them to volunteer for other needs that you have. Sometimes you get an older group of volunteers who are willing to come at different times during the day for coffee time, one-on-ones, help with de
  14. Hi, Julie! :-D The questions I get via e-mail generally concern "activity ideas" and "certification information." Most of the activity idea inquiries are about men's activities and dementia activities. The certification questions are generally about home study or online courses. I have tried to answer these questions in various ways on my website, The Activity Director's Office, and I invite you to take a look at the pages and articles for some ideas. Hope this helps you out.
  15. There are several sites on the Internet which may help you. However, in a totally biassed way, I recommend my site, The Activity Director's Office at http://www.theactivitydirectorsoffice.com . From the Menu select Activity Ideas that Work. In that page's menu you will find a listing for Alzheimer's/Dementia activities. Hope this helps. That specific page is http://www.theactivitydirectorsoffice.com/...Alzheimers.html
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