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  1. Hi, AD's! :-) I just received an e-mail on my web site that I had to pass on to you. Someone asked about the need to use fire retardant paper products for all facility paper decorations (including bulletin board displays). Apparently this is the law (probably in every state). Please check your fire regs and get into compliance. The e-mail contained a link to a company that specializes in fire retardant products. Here is the e-mail and the link. _____________________________ Posted on February 15, 2005 at 12:01:39 PM by Kathy It is indeed a Fire regulation and it is important that you spray your cardboard decorations. Sorry, but here in NY it's a fire code for public buildings. And even though we all think that we aren't a public building we are. So here is a link for a good product. There are others, check with your Purchasing person. http://www.natfire.com/products.htm _________________ Sincerely,
  2. Dear AD's, :-) I am pleased to announce a new page to The Activity Director's Office. We wanted to be able to offer "nuts & bolts" information to you to help you run your entire department better. Therefore I invited Debbie Hommel, BA, CRA, ACC, Executive Director of DH Special Services ( http://www.dhspecialservices.com/home.htm ) to write a monthly page for this site. "Debbie's AD Tips" is dedicated to helping Activity Professionals with the daily operation of their department. Also, if you have any questions you would like to ask a Professional Activity Director Consultant, please submit them to Debbie through "Dear Debbie" on her web page. Be sure to check out our News Page which is new to the site. If you have any suggestions as to how we may better serve your needs, please drop me an e-mail to admin@theactivitydirectorsoffice.com. My door is always open. Sincerely, Linda Lucas, AD ;-) Site Owner: The Activity Director's Office Site Address: http:/www.theactivitydirectorsoffice.com ---
  3. Hi, everybody! :hammer: OK, let's act like adults here. :-o I've discovered lately that the average age of residents in our facility is getting younger. We have several residents under the age of 50 who need a regular supply of tampons. The other day one of the younger females asked me if she and a younger male resident could kiss and hold hands, etc. I said it was their right, although they should use some tact and not upset the others. She said that was fine and that they would limit it to evening hours after the older folks had gone to bed. Later she asked me if it was alright if they had sex. :pint: OK Activity Directors, I know what my answer was. What's yours and how would you chart it? Goin' nuts :hammer: , Linda Lucas, AD http://www.theactivitydirectorsoffice.com
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