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  1. Tiff, Will you share the poem with us? Thanks
  2. We just had a mock survey where the ED, DON and ACU director from another facility spent the day with us and wrote out tags they found. I got my first tag ever. It seems my more cognitive residents complained that I wasn't offering activities at their higher cognitive level. I ask them at Resident Council all the time what they want and I get nothing. The last meeting the president said she would like to see more bible study. They agreed they would like to hear about St. Valentine. I did my research and not a one of them would come. For SuperBowl we have a large screen tv, I bought NA b
  3. Volunteer Appreciation is sneaking up. What do you give your volunteers as gifts? For the past two years we have done a brunch with muffins, coffee cakes, fresh fruits. I made candy trees in little terra cotta pots last year. The year before they got a candle and a keychain. I invite at least 30 people and my monthly budget is $50. So I'm looking for inexpensive ideas that the volunteers will like and use. Any ideas are greatly appreciated! Dianne
  4. Last year we got t-shirts, I work for Beverly Healthcare and they have great promotional items to choose from. Dietary bought the mix to make Margaretas and made the virgin variety and had frozen pizza with chips and salsa. There are only two of us in activities so I haven't decided what to do this year. I usually do a bulletin board with a poem or something. A Tribute to Activity Professionals! Thank You! Thank you for all that you do to improve the quality of life for those who matter the most, your residents! They appreciate it! Thank you for all your creativity.
  5. www.activityconnection.com is a nice resource.
  6. Little House on the Prarie series, Guideposts, Reader's Digest
  7. When I'm in the nursing home I will be hooked up to the internet and always have a box of wine in my mini fridge. The CNAs will be able to set up my favorite songs on my ipod :-P
  8. Talk to your residents at council. What do they want? I have independant activities scheduled on Saturdays....outdoor time, gardening, puzzles, old movies on the big screen. I have things available but don't have to be there. On Sundays there is church at 2:00pm and coffee at 3:00 the kitchen sets up the coffee as they need a scheduled snack. I would start with your 'complainers' What do they want? Can you pair them with another resident? I have three ladies who play dominos. Can you get an individual activity for them?....word search, cross word, movies, large print books etc. Can y
  9. I made up a backdrop with watermelon cutouts and then put "You're One in a Melon" The residents each sat in front of it and had their pictures taken. I did this two years ago and there are still pictures on bulletin boards in some rooms. We guessed the weight of a watermelon and the winner got the melon.
  10. This is a fun one Clap your hands and stomp your feet Get on with the 'facility' beat. Reach you hands up to the skies Turn and look you neighbor in the eye. Put your arms over and touch each ear Wiggle your bottom to get it into gear. One leg up and the other leg down Then move your arms like you're going to town. Flap your arms like a bird in wing See you can do most anything Now reach on over and shake your neighbors hand Then bow from the waist as you know you can. Pound the table to get your meal, to let the kitchen know just how you feel. Hands on your hips, hands o
  11. Have you tried the crafts in Oriental Trading? They have a lot of foam kits you can use glue or double sided tape. Most are already cut out so you don't need scissors. :-)
  12. I've done two different activities that have worked well. I bought banana boat dishes from DQ (inexpensive) and we made banana sundaes with all the toppings. I also bought a rain gutter and my maintenance man put caps on the ends for me then we had a five foot sundae. The residents loved it. I invited the press for marketing.
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