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  1. my problems are with the aides and the admin. we are a small facility so i'm the only avtivities person. i understand were you are coming from. i have no self confidence left in my job. i'm quitting in december to move to Texas and i'm not sure i'm going to persue this field. I'd be a really good assistant i just don't think i can cut it as a director (apparently no one else here does either!). my heart says that i'm doing well but my mind says i suck at it. it's the kind of situation were i feel like i'm always being criticized and talked about. i know i sound paranoid but oif you worked here you probably would be too! anyway, thanks for letting me vent. it's nice to get it all out there instead of crying every night.
  2. thanks for the suggestions all! I can't wait to get started!
  3. I want to start reading to my residents every other afternoon. Does anyone have any ideas on books i should get? I only want to read for 30-45min so the stories/chapters need to be short. Thanks!
  4. I've got several residents that love to sew. I was thinking of getting some fleece and ribbon for edging and having my residents make baby blankets to send. The ones who can't sew could help cut material, ribbon, etc. That would also tie into this being national sewing month! We are in Colorado so there's not much I can do from here as far as taking in residents but i really want to help. If anyone has any tips on how to start this project or knows of a pattern I can use please let me know!
  5. How does one become a Theraputic Recreationist? which on is better for activities. TR or NCCAP? any input would be awesome!
  6. thank you so much for the input! I want to be as fair as possible with them. you all are awesome! I think the raffle idea is awesome and it will be a fun activity at the same time! Thanks again!
  7. i had a lady donate 22 beautiful lap afghans to my facility. i have 36 residents though. how do I distribute them fairly? PLease help!
  8. I work at an AL facility. We have 30 rooms/36 beds. most are private pay but we have double rooms that are medicaid. I guess i just didn't realize how much it costs to "get old"! thanks for the imput.
  9. I was just wondering what other facilities room rates were for residents. I haven't been an AD for very long but it seems like ours are rather steep. we range anywhere from $58.50 to $91.50 a day. that does include meals, aide time, nurse time, laundry service, etc.
  10. I'm desperatly trying to find service lapel pins for employee motivation as well as key tags for our residents. i've gotten several catalouges but they all require minimum order quantities of 100 at least or more. we are a small facility and can''t really afford to blow my budget on these things. I really think they are importanat though. Does anyone know of a compnay with smaller minimun orders fro cheap prices?
  11. I'm just curious. how do members move from being "newbie" on up the line?
  12. I have a resident who has written several beautiful hymns. She really wants to get them copyrighted and i have no idea how to go about getting it done.i promised i'd help here do this. Any suggestions?
  13. What is your name? Melanie Sheets What is your occupation? AD at an assisted living facility, Actress locally •What are you listening to right now? Rascal flatts • What was the last thing you ate? Subway and that apple walnut salad from McDonalds •Do you wish on stars? usually •If you were a crayon, what color would you be? Red •How is the weather right now? hot for Colorado •Last person you spoke to on the phone? My boss to tell her she had a call on another line •How old are you today? 20, 21 the 26th of July! •Favorite drink? Non-alcohol: Iced tea & Water Alcohol: on the 26th i'll like pina coladas <grin> •Favorite sport(s) to watch? Any – Dallas Mavericks basketball (that's my boyfriends fault) •Have you ever dyed your hair? PLenty of times for shows. Now it's half natural brunette half blond for fun. •Do you wear contacts or glasses? Contacts. •Pets? 2 dogs •Favorite month? July •Favorite food? Hibachi style Japenese food •What was the last movie you watched? The Crow, weird but cool •Favorite day of the year? Christmas and 4th of July •Fall or Spring? Spring •When was the last time you cried? I generally cry once a month <grin> (The ladies know what i'm talking about!) •What did you do last night? Ate supper with my father and boyfriend the sat and listened to them both play the guitar •What inspires you? A little taste of success and an "attagirl"! •What are you afraid of? i know this is really weird but weeds •Favorite car? if i could afford it, a Jag! Ha, anything that runs with AC in it for now though. •Favorite dog breed? Beagles!!! •How many years at your current job? 6 months •How many states have you lived in? 1 Colorado •How many cities/towns have you lived in? 1 Loveland. I moved across town when I was 8. Does that count for anything?
  14. hi all! my name is Melanie and I'm an AD in a 34 bed ALF. I stumbled upon this job wehen i was taking a break from getting my theatre degree. I love it and look forward to making it a career. I'm moving to the Dallas are at the end of this year and would love to find a job similar to this on. I want to get my certification once i am settled in Texas. If anyone has any leads on a future texas job please let me know. I'ma very passionate person and realte well to my residents. I was raised an only child/grandchild/great-grandchild so I was around older people all of my childhood. i look forward to making some AD friends here! :-D
  15. Hey Nicole! I started 6 months ago in assisted living. i love it! One of the most important things I ahve learned is to listen. Not only do the residents love to talk about their past but you get really valuable life lessons. They are the experts when it comes to lifes ups and downs. That's the most important thing you can do! Have fun!
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