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  1. Thanks for the advice Craig! Are you in PA too?
  2. Hey All, I am an Activities director in LTC. I have been at this facility for over a year now and I am about to have my annual meeting to discuss my raise. There are a few issues regarding this. First, I have no prior experience or training. I am working on my class so that I can be certified within a couple of months. Second, the administrator that hired me and has really appreciated my hard work was promoted and I am not sure if she will be involved in the decisions. And last but not least, since this is my first "real" job out of college, I have no idea how much to ask for. I feel like I have really flourished in this position and done a lot with the program around here so I want to set my goal pretty high but I also don't want to ask too much that they laugh in my face. I currently make $16.00 in PA. Anyone with any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks so much!!
  3. I only fill out section N, I don't even know what section F is about!
  4. Hey All, I am planning to do a couple of trivia questions each day on National Nursing Home Week. I already have themes for each day but I need some good questions for two of the days still. Does anyone know some good trivia questions for the show HAPPY DAYS or for THE BEATLES. I need about three questions so if anyone is knowledgeable about either of these things your imput would be greatly appreciated!!!! I am so excited for this week!!!!! I hope everyone else is too....
  5. phxville


    We have a facility cat, Boots. The residents and staff alike LOVE her! I work in a fairly large facility as well but Boots runs the place. Everyone calls her the boss. My first day of work here, I called the elevator and when the doors opened up there was Boots. She waited until she got to the floor she wanted to go to and then walked right off of the elevator like she owned the place. That gave me a good laugh. She has food, water and several different beds on each floor and she knows just where to find them. I have never seen anything like her in an animal and lets just say she gives me a whole new respect for cats!!
  6. I think it is a great idea to get as involved as possible in professional organizations and I would really love to get involved but I think it needs to be more accessible. I have been in the field for almost a year (no prior experience). I feel like the only people who know about the field of activities are those who are in it. I wish we could be more out there, more common knowlege. I still have no idea how to get involved with the other AD's in my area and whats more is I don't have a whole lot of time to figure it out. This site is amazingly helpful but I still feel really distant from all of you AD's (partly because I am in PA and most of you are far FAR away). Any ideas would be greatly helpful to me and others I am sure!!
  7. Hey Celeste, I totally hear you! When I first started working as an AD I was so confused about this issue too. I have a bunch of residents just like the one you speak of. The truth of the matter is so people really do participate in little or no activities HOWEVER this should only be an alert and oriented resident who has chosen to live that way. OUr job as activity directors and staff is to ensure that everyone has their recreational needs met, especially those who are not capable of meeting them independantly. All of that being said, I recognize that its hard and that is why I came to the conclusion that I had to "redefine" activities in my mind. Not all residents are willing, able or even interested in participating in group activities and THATS OK! We can code them as participating 2/3 of the time if they participate in anything talking with other residents/staff, sitting in the hallways and watching the "action", watching tv, doing crosswords, reading, visiting with family. All of these things are activity and should be included when doing an MDS. 1x1 activities are great for those residents who do not want to come out to group activities. Observe what the resident responds to, maybe its a simple touch and smile, maybe its a conversation, maybe its a poem or song. Sometimes just a caring presence makes a world of difference to a resident who is confused. All of this would be considered "activities" under my new definition. Hope this helps!!
  8. I have a men's group that meets Monday through Friday in my office to eat lunch (I have a pretty big office with a table in it). They really love it! Even thought sometimes I wonder why (probably because I am a woman and I don't understand how it is "fun" to sit around a table and grunt only a few phrases for a whole hour, haha). I also occasionally take them out to lunch as a group of men (seperate from the ladies) they really look forward to that!!
  9. Hey Darlenebe, I feel yur pain. I get $100.00 a month for everything! Supplies, entertainers... Fortunately for me my ED understands that this is not very much money so if I ever need anything I just ask her permission. I have never gotten in trouble for asking. Also another thing you can do to help you out is fundraisers. I usually have atleast one per month. That can double my budget in one shot, which is ALOT of $$$ to me, hahaha. (my facility has 138 residents all together) Good luck! And remember all you can do is your best with what you have and thats GREAT!
  10. Hey All, I know this is kinda last minute but I thought I would throw it out there anyway! I am currently an AD and I am looking for a new assistant to run my diversional program. Today I am interviewing three people and I am not sure what kinds of questions to ask. I have never done this before and I want to make sure I get someone who is well fit for the job. But it is just not a "normal" interview when you are looking for an activities person...we are a special breed and I wanna make sure I ask the right questions!!!
  11. I went to school up there! That is so funny...Where do you usually meet? I could come up there sometime if I knew far enough in advance. Have you had any luck with your previous struggles?
  12. I work in SNF as well. Bingo is one of our favorite past times here too! We play 3-4x per week and never get bored of it (well at least the resident's don't). I think the important thig to do is make sure you play at all different times so that everyone who wants to can play no matter what their schedual. Anyway as far as the prizes go, my residents play for tickets. Then every month or so (sometimes it ends up being like 2 months) we have a thing we call country store. Where the resident can come and "buy" stuff with their tickets. I usually end up going to the dollar store and stocking up on things like snack food, cologne, lotion, picture frames, and some holiday stuff whichever fits the season. The resident's love stocking up their ticketsand getting to make choices about their prizes. I love it because I can plan ahead and save up some budget and don't have to provide prizes every week! Hope this helps...
  13. Hey Toonie, I am an AD in PA and I would love to be involved in an organization. I am new to this and I have been looking for some people to talk to but didn't know how to g about it! I am so excited that there is something started in PA and I would love to help revitalize it. Where are you located? I work in South Eastern PA suburb of Philadelphia! Let me know if there is anything I can do!!!! Phxville
  14. I am also looking to get certified but I am so confused! I have my bachelors in Counseling, I know that has nothing to do with anything but atleast it is an education. Anyway, I am going to run down what I have gathered that I need to do and can someone please correct me if I am wrong. I have to take the MEPAP course and then go through the whole application process with NCCAP? Only then will I be ADPC which I have to make sure I get in my 4000 hours before 6 years so that doesn't run out??? This all seems so complicated and I feel like I am never going to have the time to jump through all these hoops...Is there any easier way? Christine scared me with the whole 2007 thing because I am also in Pennsylvania! Tinki what were you saying about not needing to be certified? At what point in this process am I considered "qualified"?? This site is great I have learned a million ways to do my job better.... Thanks Phxville
  15. Hey All, I am pretty new to this myself but this is something that I think I have improved since I got here. I have each long term residents activity participation for the whole year on one sheet. I also made a folder for each resident that includes theiractivity assessment, care plan and activity participation. It is really simple but so organized and it seems to be working great here. If anyone is interested send me an email and I can shoot you over a copy of my resident participation sheets...Janice_Major@beverlycares.com. Or they were really easy to make I just created a chart in microsoft word with 31 columns(days of the month) and 12 rows(months). Then at the end of the chart I made a key such as C=coffee hour, M=movie time...1=active, 2=passive etc. I hope this helps! Phxville
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