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  1. Hand massages are such a great in-room visit idea..even my men love it! As far as amount of time spent with a resident during 1:1, our facility policy is to spend whatever length of time it takes to meet the needs of that resident. Resident A may only require 10 minute visits daily while Resident B requires 30 minute visits 3x a week. We have not had any trouble with our surveys regarding the amount of time spent during 1:1 visits. I don't know of any regulation that specifically states an amount of time to be spent. There may be one...I just do not recall reading it anywhere. I would love to see what others have to say about the length of time spent with each resident.
  2. What did she do in life before becoming a person with dementia? Maybe that information can help you come up with something for her to do that makes her feel like she is at work. We have a lady who owned a local floral shop for years. Whenever, she is looking for "work" we give her flowers and a vase and she makes an arrangment for another resident who is bedridden. It is amazing the change that comes over her when she is "working" on her arrangement. Who knows, you might get a great idea by just knowing what her work once was. Hope this helps.
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    What a great idea. I like the idea of using the pool noodles as gutter guards. My residents enjoy bowling but I sure do get tired of chasing the ball around the dining room. Thanks for the tip.
  4. I have found that if I schedule an activity for the ladies that coincides with the timing of my men's groups that I don't have any problems. We have had the occasional lady come into the men's group but they soon get bored with the conversation / activity and go on over to the lady's group. We also have the occasional man come visit the ladies group but the same thing usually happens. As far as state goes, we have to offer male-oriented activities but I don't think there is anything in there about excluding the ladies. Just my thoughts. I would love to hear what everyone else has to say about this issue.
  5. We are having a Men's Movie and Pizza Party. The guys always love this because we usually show some action movie that our ladies would never watch. We also serve the root beer in the brown bottles and set up the room to look like a bar. We have actually offered to serve them beer but none of my guys are interested in actually drinking. They just like the atmosphere of the setting.
  6. Hi! I am from Okeechobee, Florida.
  7. We are going to be doing several different things. We are starting the week off with "Something to Treasure" which will be picture frames that they will decorate with jewels, glitter, etc. We will be taking their pictures in front of a backdrop and printing them for their frames. We are also holding a "Treasured Memories Day" where the residents will be sharing their favorite memories about their childhood, school days, dating, marriage, traveling, etc. This will then be turned into a bulletin board in the lobby of the facility. Our Treasure Hunt will consist of teams of residents and staff members hunting for clues to the treasure throughout the facility. Some of the clues will be people with hidden talents, a particular book,etc. We are even incorporating the ever popular bingo game by playing Gemstone Bingo with costume jewelry as prizes. We will end the week with another family activity for my residents, a movie and pizza party. We will be showing "National Treasure", of course. Have fun with whatever you will be doing with your residents.
  8. I don't think a cook out and shin dig is being lame. The whole point of NNHW is to celebrate the residents...it doesn't matter how we choose to do that. I almost wish a cookout was what I had planned. We are doing a whole "treasure" themed week complete with a treasure hunt. It will be fun but exhausting.
  9. We also use a lot of Motown during our exercise programs. It seems to be their favorite. We don't really use a particular tape or program. We have a wonderful assistant who makes up her own exercise programs each week. As long as we give them something to do with their hands, such as light weights, streamers to wave or musical instruments to play, and play great music, everyone has a great time exercising.
  10. I have also always been asked by the surveyors for my calendars from the current month and the previous three. We always discuss the calendar as a group of staff and residents. The calendar is based on what they want to do. As far as adapting to change in what they want on a routine basis, we just go with it. We always start the activity as stated on the calendar and it just evolves into whatever they want for that day. For example, today we had a humor activity scheduled that somehow turned into a reminscing session. By doing it this way, we cover both what the calendar states and what they want that day. We also schedule a Resident Choice activity 2-3x a month. This works well because they come in and we basically do whatever they want. Sometimes they vote to watch a movie or do something as a group, other days each table chooses to be doing something different. It seems to be a great way to get everyone involved. It works for us. We do have separate calendars for each unit and I am looking at breaking those down into more specific groups eventually. We are up for survey soon so I will let you know how it goes. We haven't had any trouble doing our calendar this way in the past.
  11. User Name - What type of facility do you work for -Skilled nursing facility How long have you been in Activities - 2 1/2 years Where are you from - Okeechobee, Florida What is your sign - Aeries What job did you do before activities - Teacher What famous people do people say you look like - No One If you where an animal, what would you be - a monkey Hobbies -Reading, scrapbooking, playing with my eight nieces and nephews AD Strength - Organizational Skills AD Weakness - Confronting Staff members when there is a problem ( I hate this) Favorite Type of Activity - Crafts Least Favorite Type of Activity - Movies Favorite AD Book - I like them all! Favorite AD Website - this one Do you have a website - no Certified or Not Certified - Currently working on my certification Email or snail mail - email Is your office small, medium or large - medium, but I share it with three other department heads Storage room or no storage room - three storage rooms How many rooms can you do activities - 4 rooms but all are common rooms that are used for other things
  12. You sound like you are off to a great start! I have been the Ad for two years at a facility where our private owner's daughter was the director before me. Talk about a daunting task...Anyway, I think that best way to introduce change is a little at a time. It is easier for the administration to accept as well as the residents. Remember that we can often confuse our residents when we implement too much change at once. I can also sympathize with your split desire to work one on one with the residents and complete all that paperwork. What works for me is to have a basic scheudule that I follow everyday which allows me to spend time with the residents and do the paperwork. I usually spend the mornings, which seem to be when i think the most clearly, doing paperwork and the afternoons interacting with the residents. You just have to find a system that works for you. (By the way, I work at a 173 bed facility with 4 full time assistants.) Hang in there-you will find your balance. good luck!
  13. Hi! It is the responsibility of the activity department to deliver mail in our 173 bed facility. The mail is sorted by unit and each activity leader is responsible for delivering the mail to their assigned residents. This makes great 1:1 time. You can always reminisce about a family member or even take an imagainary shopping spree through one of those catalogs my residents always seem to be getting. We keep a record of who recieves mail each day just as a backup. This has come in handy when a family member wants to know if a particular piece of mail has arrived. Delivering mail only takes a few minutes and it really brightens the residents' days and isn't that what activities is all about? As far as shopping, I have an activity leader who goes shopping every other week. The residents know when she is going and always have their lists to her on time. We have worked with our local Wal-mart and they know when we are coming. They always have a extra cashier available to open a register just for us when we shop since everyone's orders have to be rung up seperately. This speeds up our check out time and keeps other customers from getting impatint. Keep up the wonderful job you all do and remember why we do what we do-for the residents! :-)
  14. Why say anything? How about creating a garden with the scarecrows in it? Then you could put pictures of the kids working on the scarecrows with the residents interpersed in the vegetables. A picture is worth a thousand words, so maybe you don't need any words. By the way, what a great idea to have the kids build scarecrows with the residents.
  15. Hi everybody! My name is Heather and I work at a 173 bed SNF in a rural community. I also stumbled into this job. I taught school for five years and was becoming frustrated with the education system. I decided to take a break from teaching for a while and applied for a different job here. The human resource manager remembered me from when I taught her son and decided I could put all of those skills to work as an AD. I have been here two years and have decided to pursue a degree in Rec Therapy. I really planned to go back to teaching but this job is just too much fun (most of the time). I love it. I even enjoy working with all the different functioning levels we sometimes wind up with in one activity. I once taught five grades simultaneously on an Indian Reservation so this is nothing compared to that. I forsee a wonderful, long career in this field in my future.
  16. Fabric remnants and ribbons make excellent backgrounds and borders. We have a problem with finding enough space to store all of these items, so we recycle our ribbons and fabrics by using them in craft projects when we are finished using them on the boards. You can find wonderful fabrics at your local Wal-Mart for a dollar a yard if you take a few minutes and look. Most of the stuff on our boards is made by the residents. Remember, bulletin boards don't have to be complicated...simple is better. I do use some stuff from the teacher's store; it just takes a little time to find things that are appropriate. Another helpful hint is to change the backgrounds and borders seasonally instead of monthly. It takes less time to change the stuff on the board each month if you don't have to mess with the background and borders.
  17. turtle

    What to wear

    We have also tried wearing various clothing to work, ranging from business dress to jeans. We finally settled on wearing scrubs-they are comfortable and work well for the various things we do daily, such as looking for the lost bingo ball and working in the garden. We wear a solid color that identifies our department to the residents, their families and other visitors. Upon orientation to the facility, the residents receive a list of which color each department wears so they can easily locate whomever they need. We do dress up for special events like the Mother's Day Tea and other holidays.
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