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  1. Does anyone out there have a Orientation Program? I need it for my mepap II class and I cant find one anywhere. Thanx shonna
  2. Does anyone have a good Activity Analysis Form? My administrator wants me to show her an updated overview of all my activities and their descriptions. My old form looks like it was made in the 70's...Thanks for any replies.
  3. What is your name? Shonna Lawson What is your occupation? AD in a LTC Facility and Activity swing bed Consultant to our local hospital •What are you listening to right now? Movie "Batman Begins" • What was the last thing you ate? Onion Rings •Do you wish on stars? usually •If you were a crayon, what color would you be? Orange •How is the weather right now? Scorching 105 today •Last person you spoke to on the phone? My brothers Girlfriend. We are going to garage sales tomorrow •How old are you today? 35 •Favorite drink? Non-alcohol: Diet Coke, Alcohol: Jack a
  4. Thank you for all the replies. They have put alot of things in perspective for me. what would i do without this site?!!!!! :-)
  5. I need help!I have been working as an AD for a year now, and i love the activity side of my job. My problem is that they are spreading me to thin. I am putting reports in the computer for the admn & DON. Transporting Residents to and from appointments (most of the time an hour away). Getting physician orders to dr's and picking them up. doing nsg inventory. I also have the restorative dept. Some of this i can understand like transporting residents and physician orders. but i am spending most of my time working in the other depts and my documentation is suffering as well as my residents (my
  6. What is your name? Shonna What is your occupation? AD, Activity Swing Bed consultant, Wife, Mother What are you listening to right now? playstation 2 What was the last thing you ate? Pepperoni Pizza Do you wish on stars? The first one of the night If you were a crayon, what color would you be? Purple How is the weather right now? Hot Last person you spoke to on the phone? Singer for alz memory walk How old are you today? 34 Favorite drink? Diet Coke Favorite sport(s) to watch? Cheerleading Have you ever dyed your hair? Oh yea, have to cover the gray
  7. :-D Hi I"m new in the business and am loving it...but i am having trouble finding out where to buy my borders and decorations for my bulletin boards. Please send links or store listings... I would really appreciate it so much.. A neat one-one: A resident of mine remembered when he was a boy, putting glue on his hand, letting it dry and peeling it off. so now you can find me in his room 1 x a week having sticky hand races. we spread the glue, chat while it dries, then race to see who can get it all off the fastest. when one of us finally gets it off in one piece our time is over. it is s
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