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  1. Hi Misty, Welcome to activities! A week is not a very long time so your ship is not going to sink :-D Get a subscription to Creative Forecasting-(719)633-3174 this will give you lots of ideas, find some classes to attend and other directors in your area to network with- this site is great too. Think outside the box and if your residents are used to lots of bingo let them have it with a smile; just introduce other things to them slowly. Cooking, gardening,penpals,community service,photo club- ask for their ideas at Resident Council. Good luck!
  2. Singer


    Hi, How much of your budget is allotted for care of the pets- food, vet bills etc.I have a very small activity budget so I will have to ask for more to have animals but I think my residents would love it.
  3. Hi, I work in a SNF and I love my volunteers.After they complete their orientation they do bingo,1:1 visits,crafts,manicures and Bible study. I always try to match a person to what their interests are and what they feel comfortable doing- some people have a fear of speaking in public for example. Tell them constantly how much you appreciate them and don't forget to do something for them during Volunteer Week
  4. Hi Denese, I have always done my own care plans I wouldn't want to do nursing care plans and I don't want them messing with mine. At care plan meetings we go over each disciplines section and we do give each other good insight. An overall good care plan has to be a team approach.
  5. Hi Chris, One suggestion- this is an exciting and fun job but unfortunately there is also paperwork and state regulations and all that other stuff.Assisted living is probably different from LTC in many ways;just make sure to learn all your company policies pertaining to activities and the state guidelines.Take all the courses your company will allow and hopefully pay for Then let your personality take over,love your residents and the rest will come naturally! Good luck!
  6. Hi, I have the same problem-meeting after meeting and when you add in the paperwork and MDS there is not a lot of the day left. Especially this time of the year-just put up my second Christmas tree with one more to go. I am very grateful for my assistant ,I don't see how anyone can do it all by themselves. Even with two of us it gets a little wild during the holidays.
  7. Hi Mance, I have alot of residents with arthritis too and one of their favorite Christmas crafts is to make a huge banner for our dining room.We use a roll of white craft paper and they use Christmas stamps and cookie cutters dipped in paint to make scenes.Each one has their own space to decorate and when it is finished we hang it up and spray it with silver glitter spray. We also use green,red and white fun foam to make snowmen picture frames;they give these as gifts to their families.Hope this helps! :-)
  8. Hi, In my facility we don't limit guests we have two seatings for the meal and families RSVP as to what time they want to come and how many will be coming.Department heads help with setup and serving and all staff help with food.We have never charged-change is hard but sometimes it is necessary! Hope this helps :-)
  9. Hi Benita, I used to have a really hard time getting staff involved in anything to do with activities.The director before me had fostered a real us vs. them mentality and it took a long time to overcome. We try to get staff involved in fun things like the Senior Olympics and staff talent shows. When we have cooking activities the residents pass out what they have made to techs and nurses and we keep coffee in our office for them to have during break. There are still some who just don't understand the importance of activities but most of the staff have really come around and enjoy particip
  10. Hi, This is the time slot when I usually have church groups come in and sing or hold a worship service. Several times a month we have family night- staff talent show, bingo tournament, making holiday crafts. This gives residents something special to look forward to and brings their families into the facility to spend time with them. Hope this helps
  11. Hi, In my facility I invited our County Mayor to come and participate in a flag raising ceremony and give a short appreciation speech to our veterans. Then we have the singing of the National Anthem, prayer, refreshments and gifts for our veterans presented by their family members.Everyone seems to enjoy this. Hope this helps! :-)
  12. Hi Everybody, I am an AD at a 114 bed facility.About 75% of my residents are severely cognitively impaired and I am always looking for new activity ideas that can be adapted for lower functioning residents to participate. Thanks :-D Singer
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