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  1. :-) Thank you Diana and Gina For sharing these great websites they are really helpful.
  2. :-) I had the same problem. Somebody please help? Thank you.
  3. 8-) Well I have experienced the same thing in our home. We now have a man that comes to see his wife that is totally confused, but has a girlfriend on the other unit that he comes and make out with in her room. At one point he was still having sex with his wife that was and is totally confused. Which I felt was wrong when I first started, but as a husband he had the right and we could not stop him. We also have had two residents that wanted to room together but their kids said no! The only reason the kids had a say in the situatuin was because their father was becoming very confused and wasn't as oriented as the female anymore. I agree that the staff acts so holy when it comes to the residents doing what makes them happy. Everybody felt it was wrong for the gentleman to have a wife and a girlfriend. That at one point lived across the hall from each other, till he had a feeling his wife knew what he was doing. So he moved her. I feel, just because they are in a facility that we have the right to dictate everything. So let them enjoy it while it last. They say the best way to go is HAPPY. Please let the families know and I agree document the sex, because it is a physical and mental activity.
  4. :-) Welcome Kimmyh & Tisha. I am new to the site also. Thanks Kim for the word of wisdom and sorry Tisha I can be of help, I only have 125 residents in a Long Term Care Facility.
  5. :-) Oh Please! Do not get me wrong I have never thought they came only for the gifts. I just feel throughout the year the volunteers that come to the luncheon have given alot and I would like to feel that they know I appreciate them alot. The gifts we have given have been great, I guess when talking to my adminstrator is when I feel sometimes we are being cheap. He have things that he feels that is important in the home and majority of the time activities and voluteers are not one of them. I guess they way you described your administrator, I have no reason to talk. By the way the Family Council we have do not have more than three members at a facility that holds 125.
  6. :-) I understand your pain. The thing that gets me is when you are looking for a great turn out they do not come, but when you least expect it here comes more than planned. I feel you should not cancel the corporation from coming to the facility, because it is a great group activity. Instead, keep a log of everybody that comes and the next time give others the chance to come. That way if somebody refuse their chance at least you know they were given the opportunity. Do not let this get to you. My saying is Smile for the cameras, You never know what they are going to fuss about next. You do what you have been train and that is to offer and they have the right to participate or refuse.
  7. :-) Thank you Stacie and Heavenly Star. I must say that the ideas sound great, but my adminstrator thinks that this Volunteer Aprreciation Luncheon is suppose to be as formal as the President Inauguration. Last year I had the State Representative come and this year he wants the Mayor to come. The only thing I that offends me is that the gifts we give are the less important thing we give that day. I feel the gift is the most important because it is something they can remember and have for a long time. Let me know if I am the only person working with an Adminstrator like this. Do not get me wrong he supports me and he is great.
  8. :-) Hi, everyone. I need a little help it is time for Family Day at my facility and I was hoping that someone could give me some ideas and suggestion. My facility has 120 residents, last year we had snacks and played bingo, the year before I had kids from the school of music sing song's from the 60's and 70's. So this year I am looking for some suggestions. Please help me. Also, if you have a suggestion for Volunteer Appreciation Ex: What kind of speaker and a nice gift. Remember my Adminstrator do not want to spend no more than two to three hundred dlrs.
  9. :-) Hi Denise, My Administrator sent my assistant and I out to Lunch and also gave us a certificate, shirt and pouch w/ company logo. Last year I was by myself and they had me a lunch at work. You have to let them know that your week is just as important as Nurses Week, cause we take alot of stress and work off of everybody. Keep up the work. You deserve it.
  10. :-) Sorry Miguel, I do not have a copy. But, if any one know the policy and procedures of having pets in a SNF, I would like a copy. Send it to lakeithamcgill@yahoo.com
  11. :-) Hi, Just giving you my idea for this year Valentine's. I plan to have the residents crowned King & Queen at lunch time, There we will serve a special lunch that the residents have selected and a pianoist playing old love songs. That way you don't have to interupt their lunch with refreshment. Just thought I would share my idea. Hope everything workout for you.
  12. Hi, this is my first time on the site and I would like to tell you. That alot of Activity Directors are very well underpaid. For example, I am one of the Activity Directors that is underpaid. I know some ask why do you stay at that job. Simple, I love my residents and they love me.
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