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  1. We just did a St. Patrick's Day craft that went over really well, we made St. Patrick's Day Buttons Green foam paper small magnets, 2 per person sharpie pens glue gold glitter and it went over really well, double my regular craft attendance. They all wanted to make a bit of green to wear to not get piniched tomorrow! I cut out a four leaf clover cardboard piece about 3" by 3", and we traced the clover on the foam, then cut it out and they wrote things like "Kiss Me I'm Irish" on the foam with a sharpie. Then they put glue on the foam and we shook glitter over them. I hot gl
  2. Hey all, I'm an Activity Director in Sacramento, originally from Los Angeles but moved HERE from NYC. I am liking Sacramento! I am brand new to activities, been an AD for five months, but not new to assisted living. My first job in high school five years ago was in a home, and that was that! I love activities, I love my job, and I will be using any resource available because I am pretty clueless! I am also getting married in June and having a lot of fun planning that!
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