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  1. You need to let them know when the next activity is and at this time you need to do other things when you have time you will be glad to help them out. This is your time to do what you need to do for your department. Myself I multi-task often it depends on the resident and what they are interested in coffee and newspaper works well. Fall risk we all help out this can be a ongoing tag game with all staff to have time with resident. Knowing your resident is the key and this helps others understand the resident with your interaction. It's just not the activity departments job to interact with residents staff is part of the team and the quality of care.
  2. For our group they love sports - Football sports theme works great with the autumn decor and party foods / snacks. Apples are at there best soon enjoy the flavor of apples and what we make with them.
  3. Light colors are best for vision issues. History of our old town worked great for resident's and family with soft lights and natural lighting. View your population and interests, you can always change as your group changes just have fun and you are doing a great service in whatever you choose, light colors meet the needs.
  4. We have new ones for our residents that are all the same color that is good for both men and women. We also ask the resident if they would like one, some will not eat without one. So that would add another care plan problem, yes it all comes under their rights and choice at meal time.
  5. Large print Help from others Encourage resident to use glasses or hearing aid Setting close to the door Assist with concern Introduce to others Lighting Up front or close to activity caller Encourage strenght Cueing
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