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  1. We are now ending our summer social themes fo our assisted living community. I am looking for some new ideas for 2 of the days. We already have wine and cheese, and the beloved bbq social. We are trying to replace our summer themes for more fall or wintery themes. Any ideas would be very apppreciated. Thanks.Bobbie
  2. We also use Netflix at our community. We do a movie on friday afternoons after lunch. All my people do not like doing anything later than 6pm. I work at AL. On a personal note I have been using Netlfix for too many years to remember. I love the fact that I am not having to return movies to the store. saves gas, time and money.
  3. Do you have men only outings?? Like to a car museum, baseball game (can be college or minor league), lunch or breakfast outings. You are right. We offer lots of male oriented activites but they never want to participate. We did go to a AAA baseball game(my fav.) only 3 residents wanted to go. I tried to get some ladies to go also, to try to entice the men, but to no avail. I also find this depression era bunch very conservative dollar wise so I try to find something that is free or low cost. That is always the first thing I am asked" Do we have to pay?". Good luck. Bobbie
  4. My name is Bobbie. I am an assist. Activity director in Elk Grove CA (next door to Sacramento). I am activity director certified and have been working in an Assisted Living community for 6 months now. My activity director was out for 6 months for medical reasons so I have been on my own. She is now back and I now realize I don't know anything at all about my job. I am learning so much. I am interested in learning and sharing ideas and methods from others.
  5. How about Chicken Soup for the Soul books? They are short 2-3 page stories.
  6. My name is Bobbie. I am new to the activities field. Although, I have been a caregiver for the past 6 years. I just got my activity coordinator certification a week ago. I work at a 96 bed skilled nursing community. About 30% of the residents have dementia. I am the assist. activity coordinator. I am a CA native and live in Sacramento. Look forward to hearing form all of you and learning from your experience and ideas.
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