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  1. Hello again!! I am working on writing the policies and procedures for our Activites program and am looking for samples. If you can email them to me that would be great! Thanks!!!! nelle_austinsmom@yahoo.com
  2. Hey folks!! Hope this finds all doing well. I am looking to start an Activity Cart to bring to rooms when residents decline group activities, I am hoping that if they have a visual of something they will be more willing to participate. Please let me know any suggestions or ideas you have for starting such a thing; pictures would also be great!! Thank you in advance!!!
  3. Great ideas everyone!!! I'm leaning towards a yellow/gold color, it sounds hideous but I don't know how else to explain it. It's the color you see alot with burgandys. That is the wall color I'm looking at but I LOVE the idea of the mural and we have a GREAT Arts council in town so I'm going to get in touch with them and visit about that idea. Thanks again and hope to hear more great ideas!!! dani
  4. Hi, I'm Dani (Danielle) and I'm the Activities Coordinator at our local rural hospital in ND. I'm in charge of getting the Activities program established for Swing Bed and Extended Swing Bed patients, I currently have 5 extended swingbedders and typically 1-4 in regular swing bed so we are definately small but I want to make sure my patients needs are met and they make my day!! I'm 4 months new to the entire profession but can see myself staying put as I absolutely love it!!! I've already posted a question on here and have read many ideas before deciding to become a member myself.
  5. Hi and thank you in advance for what I know will be GREAT answers!!!! I'm new in the Activities field and am getting the program at our Hospital going from the ground up which as you can imagine has it's ups and downs!! Our Activities program is for Swing Bed and Extended Swing Bed patients some of who have been here for more than 2 years. We're a small rural Hospital. Now that I've gotten my foot in the door a bit I think it's important to decorate our group room, right now it's hospital tan like every other room here. I've done some research and am getting mixed answers so figured who better to ask than the professionals themselves!! What colors do you recommend? My biggest concern are the alzheimer's patients and what colors will be best for them. Wall colors and accent color suggestions would be great!!!! Thanks again!! Dani
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