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  1. Can you tell me what the ratio for Colorado is? I would be very interested in knowing if we meet the requirments. Vickie
  2. We have found that in the fall our residents really enjoy baking holiday treats and siting around a fire place sipping coaco and reading books together that is when our Camp Fire book club really kicks into gear. Vickie
  3. We do one thing at our facility that the dementia residents can participate in and that is what we call helping hands. Our resident fold the clothing protectors, hand towels and wash cloths for the facility. Usually dementia patients can remember things they did on a day to day basis and this is something everyone has done at one time or another folding cloths. We also have a basket of mis matched colored socks that our dementia residents enjoy sorting through to find the matches. Vickie
  4. We have a very large fundraiser each year at Valentines day. We send out fliers offer to make balloon bouquets for anyone and deliver to local schools. This is a very inexpensive way for families to send things to their kids on Valentines day. Our arrangments range from $6.00 to $25.00 each to enclude a candy bag two latex balloons and one mylar balloon. The familys can add different things to the order but you can buy all the items you need through S&S or oriental Trading at a very cheep cost to the facility. We made over $2000.00 last year with this event and the families loved it. We even had ones bought for our residents. if you would like any of the information on this event please feel free to contact me at vickie.dykes@junipercommunities.com Vickie
  5. We have a form that handles concerns for the residents the form is filled out with complants and then a copy is made and the original is given to the appropriate department. The forms must be returned to the Social Services Department within seven days completed and then it is put into a binder of resident concerns. We then discuss during our next resident council meeting the resolved issue. That way you have record that you spoke to the residents about the issue. we keep the copy of the form in our resident council book for the month of the issue. Sociel Services gives us a copy of the returned form to add to resident council minutes. Hope this helps if you need any of the forms or the policy and procedure for this please feel free to email me at vickie.dykes@junipercommunities.com Vickie
  6. Our residents also have issues reading our calendars. We now take the calendar to our local light and power company and they can enlarge it to any size we need. They do this for us as a curtousy to our residents. Check with them to see if they are willing to help you with enlarging. We just take them the 8.5x11 and they do the rest. Vickie
  7. First of all welcome aboard! I will give you some information on what I did when I came into my position. I worked for my facility for two years when I was promoted to Connections Director(Activity). Your First meeting with your two full time associates should be to get their ideas. I know that when I took over my assistants had wonderful ideas that no one would listen too in the past. Once I gave them a say in what they were doing things became more active. Let them know what you expect of them and what they can expect of you. Let them see you are not necessarily going to "Clean House" like the owners. They need to trust you and you them so get that understanding and trust before you go too far. At your first meeting with resident council. Residents can be the hardest for change. They were used to the old director that had been there as long as most can remember. They need to also learn that they can trust you. The best way to do that is to tell them about yourself make them feel like they have known you for ever. Once they feel comfortable with you they will be much easier to sway. I also think that once they get to know you they will want to do things with you and maybe this will be a way for you to introduce new activities and get them up and out of their beds. I was there once and understand what you are feeling. Good luck Vickie
  8. I completely understand! If I am planning my calender I ask that certain resident to help me think of new and fun things to do. You would be surprised that once they learn that you are busy they will leave. They don't want to have to work for the most part. I have a few that will help me and I get some great ideas from them. When it comes to care planing or things that the resident cant be involved in I just be honest with them and tell them I need to get some paperwork done and when I finish I will come and have a cup of coffee with them. They are a very understanding generation. Hope this helps you out some. Vickie
  9. Hello all, I work for a LTC Facility and we recently had two Alzheimer clients move in. I am not sure how to handle their activity needs. They are both two completly different individuals one is easily redirected and the other is always crying and worried. The calm one loves babies, folding, talking and walking she is very easy to handle. On the other hand we have one that cant sit still for very long still understands somethings and gets very upset very easy. Can anyone tell me how to handle someone in this condition. There is really no good time for this poor person. I want to help her but whenever you try to engage her in anything she gets upset because her family is not there. She does not remember what you tell her, we have tried writting it down and she looses the paper. What can I do. Vickie
  10. Our men love to spend time talking about politics, sports and all things men like to talk about. Women are not allowed in this group even female staff. Their favorite thing to do is drink coffee and talk. They have recently started a club called "The Patriots" they have T-Shirts and hats that all match. On occasion they will meet with the Red Hat Ladies and have a happy hour. Our men play Darts (Rubber tipped), go bowling, fishing, out to lunch and just drive around town while they reminisce. Hope this helps you. Vickie Dykes
  11. Can anyone please tell me how they get their nursing team to help with activities. Today I was approached by one of our nursing staff saying that we needed to stop getting residents up after they laid them down. I told them that they know when our activities start and the residents want to go. I also told them that it is a federal guideline that they be involved in activities. They must help get residents to and from activities. They think that Activities is a luxury and not a need. I have tried telling them that if they get their residents to activities they will be able to do other things other than answer those residents call lights and attend to there other daily duties. They do not seem to care and refuse to help. When I approach my ED about this issue she just says "The Aids are busy and don't have time". Can anyone give me some ideas on what to do? Vickie
  12. I have had this issue in the past. When each employee is hired and on their anniversery we have to attend what we call "Intouch Training". This gets us all acqainted with the way things work in our facility. Each Director has a part in this training. When I do my part I ask them all questions like when is it ok to remove someone from an Activity? Depending on the way the group answers I can tell them a little about our federal guidelines and educate them. Most do not understand why it is so important. At my facility they now understand that they can not take them or interupt them during an activity. This process has worked for the most part. I still now and again get someone that thinks they are above the regulations and I have to tell my staff to be ferm on the matter and not allow them to interrupt. I make sure everyone from Diatery to our Therapy Department understands we are not doing it to ruin their day. But because this is our residents home and that it is federally mandated. Vickie
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