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  1. Hi Vickie! First off, Thank you very much for the welcome...I appreciate it and loo forward to connecting with other directors! Excellent Advice about my Assistants and how to handle this transition in a tender way! I didn't even think about thier feelings and how to allow them to voice them! I am actually looking forward to the challenge of making my facility a better place for everyone! And you are so right....The Residents need to be confident thqt they can trust me as well! Great Points to ponder! Thanks so Much! Scott
  2. Hi all! I have been the Activity Assistant for 7 years and have recently been promoted to the Activit Director position at a new facility owned by the same company! The Current Director there will be retiring after a 20+ year career at this facility, so my presence will be a big adjustment for the residents and the staff members... My Problem is this: This new Facility is under a "Watch" by the state Because of a serious nursing issue and because of this, the State will be visiting more that once a year for some time...Also, I will now be taking over a Department that many look down on! The Residents have been lacking motivation because unfortunately they are not used to being very active and many choose to stay in thier rooms or sit in front of the television! UGH! Well sorry for being long winded here but I wanted to give an overall picture of my new place! The Administration is "Cleaning House" and adding new Employees and Letting go of the Unproductive ones. I will be Starting there as The Director February 24th and Wanted any Advice/Suggestions on what my first few steps should be? Obviously one would be to have a meeting with my 2 full time Assitants who have been there for a few years already! What would you suggest the first meeting with My Assistants entail? And my first meeting with Resident Council Members? I appreciate and Thank you for your help.
  3. Hello Everyone! My name is Scott and I have been an Activity Assistant here in New Hampshire for the last 7 years at a 114 bed facility with both LTC and SNF residents. Prior to this I was a CNA but hurt my back had 2 back surgeries and was unable to return to that type of work...No skin off my teeth because I believe that what I do now is exactly what God gifted me to do! Recently I was Given a New England Region Award for Activities by the Directors and have also been offered a Directors job in a new facility within the same company! I am awaiting an interview with the Administrator of that facility and with the Social Work Regional Director to Discuss the position... Several months ago I was offered the same position but declined basically from poor self confidence, Ya know the "Can I do this?" "What if I fail!" stuff! Ugh! I am so glad that I have found this site and All of you to discuss with other Directors and hopefully if I accept the job you can all offer a NewGuy some Wisdom! Nice to "Cyber-Meet" you all! Blessings, Scott
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