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  1. Here is a proverbs site I have used. http://www.manythings.org/proverbs/ Suzie
  2. I to use my monthly calender, much easier everything they do whether its a special activity is listed. I highlight in differant colors to signify which they are if they are active. passive etc. For independent activities I also have a number such 1- tv, 2 - visitor, 3-read or write, 4- tv, etc. This works well and also I put in the day if I have done a one to one with them with lines on the back to provide my comments on the one to ones. Seems to work well for me.
  3. I just went thru survey, and in talking to the surveyors,two of their comments stuck in my mind. 1st off they said it is not just up to me to provide the residents with 1on 1's any more the staff should be helping with this and documenting it. 2nd if a resident refused to come to an activity that is their choice, just have it in place in a care plan what you are doing with them or what they are doing when not in activities wubby1963
  4. I keep having aides and nurses interrupting activities, the ones that really bug me that they come in on are ones like sing alongs where I am playing the piano, and ringing bells . The incident was an aide bringing a resident into the group after it had started and deposited the resident in the door way as we were in the middle of the song. Of course my dander was up after happening so many times that I said could they please bring her all the way in the room I had other residents that had left and would be coming back. Of course they set her in front of someone else and they couldnt see, so we moved her again. For one thing my room is to small and so its difficult on bell day or wheel of fortune day when the residents need to see a board, that I have to have them setting in a certain way, of course after the incident the aid went right to the DON which of course hates me also. What to do , afterwards no aides helped me, or talked to me. Seems when I stand up for something and dont let them do it their way they all get made at me.
  5. I am having doubts about staying at my present position as Activity Director at my facility. The higher ups have decided every resident whether they want to or not will be coming to every activity, they have asked the nurse aides to bring them all down. I have seen residents who cried coming down the hall way, I have residents that arent appropriate for certain groups not participate and just sit there or they have fallen asleep. I also at times dont have enough room for all of them in the activity room. Please help me, I am not sure I am looking at this correctly or if I should be more open to allowing this , and if you have any advice to help me thru this trying experience please share it. Suzie
  6. I again am in need of some input first regarding your mds section N, do you all use some or do you have some residents that fall under the category of little or most? Right now I am more or less being told to use the some category. Also again this question has come up that only the residents that rap need activity careplans, what are your feelings on that. Any and all input is appreciated I was in a meeting for over an hour with our DON, ADON ( who is new) and the Administrator and was told by the new ADON that careplans are only needed when rapping and also that its better to keep all residents at the some category. Suzie in Iowa
  7. A new MDS/ADON has been hired at my facility and she says that not every resident needs a care plan unless they rap . I am a bit concerned to hear her say that after I have gone and given every one an activity careplan. I want to have something to show her or the admin. to back myself up that it says residents should have one or not, any one out there want to share where they have seen that it says this or can give me an idea where to call or look. Suzie in Iowa
  8. Hi does any one have a form they want to share for interdisciplinary charting on things that other staff do with residents. We might be using a form if I can find one that suits our purpose. Thanks Suzie in Iowa
  9. Thanks for replying! Well next fall I will be having a class coming in and would like ideas that other facilities do that have worked. We have limited space and funds . Right now they just all pair of and play games and thats what they have done for ever I feel like I would like to do a variety of differant things. So I would welcome any ideas you may have. Again thank you Suzie
  10. I have just started a new position and in doing my careplans I found the mds coordinator does them. We discussed a concern I had on a resident me giving my opinion on the care plan such as problem and goal. I was trying to personalize it for this resident. Really doesnt have a problem but I would like her to continue to make her own choice regarding her participation cause at this time she does that, of course I would change it if things changed. Her goal was 2-5 activities a week and she told me she felt that was personalized enough( the mds lady) At this time she is deciding if she will let me do my own or if she wants to continue to do them. Your opinion please
  11. I am in need of some help with my last little friends day any ideas? :cry:
  12. Just getting started in the field again after five years out of it and will be taking the place of a lady who did craft time every week. I plan on changing some of the craft times to fun foods , but want opinion on what others of you do for craft time and if you even have it. Suzie in Iowa
  13. Hi Pennie I am an activity director from Iowa I have had a hard time finding answers. But if you can let me know what u need I know who to ask. Thanks Suzie
  14. I am just new I should say older just restarting again and am going to the calendar idea, on the back of each residents calendar I have made it in to lines for documentation for 1:1's or residents progess for my personal use. What do you all do for documenting 1:1's and who in your opinion would need them. In my new facility its not being done as faithful or as often and am concerned about me not doing it as much cause I am use to a differant way of thinking. Thanks Suzie in Iowa
  15. Just taking over as the Activity Director and looks like I have one of the biggest challenges in front of me to come up with some great ideas for National Nursing Home Week. I was wondering if you all would like to share any ideas you might have this year? Thanks All out of ideas Suzie
  16. Hi I will be taking over after the acting AD retires which will be in a couple months. I was wondering if any of you have done any red hat parties? I would like to keep it on the monthly calendar for a couple of reasons number 1 mostly all ladies facility and number 2 they love to show off how the look in the red hats. My question is any ideas or actual parties you have done with this theme? Thanks Suzie W. Tripoli Nursing Home in Iowa
  17. Hi my name is Suzie I just got a new job as an Activity Director, have been away from activities for a bit and am both excited and nervous. Whats new out there I should be aware of I live in Iowa and will be in a 32 bed facility. Thanks Suzie
  18. Hi, well the interview went well. She said she will make her decision by Friday. At this point I would like the job I interviewed for today but would settle for one from last week that I should hear about tomorrow. Thanks for your reply. Suzie
  19. Hi I am going to an interview for a position in the am, and wonder what I should be aware of these days in cinching the interview? Also I am waiting on two other interviews I has last week and am wondering how much I should say at this interview tomorrow about when I can expect an answer either way?
  20. I am going to an interview for an activity director position, I am also waiting on two other interviews and dont know what to say in waiting for decisions. Also what things are good to be aware of during the interview?
  21. I just finally got an interview for an activity director in a nursing home. I have been out of the realm and wondered if any one as ideas of what questions I should ask. Any help in making this a successful interview would be appreciated. You may email me or leave a message here thanks in advance. mmwubb@netins.net
  22. Well some I did we are doing an inventory of my activity department such as craft supplies and also office supplies and what not. I also did one that I sent out letters to family members asking what kind of family activities they would be interested in attending and also if they thought there were any activities their loved ones would enjoy doing. I did one on resident activity participation breaking it all down to show what activities were most participated in and also what levels of things they needed more of. I did one project on my care plans for that quarter showing if i had everything up to date and filled out. I did one on my volunteers. I sent them out a questionaire on things they did and or wanted to do . I had set fliers out in the community for more volunteers and I also included all of those kind of things to show what I had done to get more volunteers. I also sent out resident satisfaction surveys to give me an idea of what they thought of me and my activities. I hope this helps you out . I had found a book and it was helpful . Any time you can chart the progress on something and sometimes your administrator might have ideas for you . Suzie
  23. My residents use to love to play balloon volleyball either around a table or just in a group. Of course after just so long you lose them in anything so its good to have other things like the above ideas which are all great Suzie
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